Making Accessibility Work For Your Users and Your Business

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A staggering 98% of website homepages fail to meet basic accessibility guidelines

Unsurprisingly, more than 70% of web users with a disability will abandon a website that fails to accommodate their needs.

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What's more surprising is the scale of this lost opportunity, because poor accessibility is costing UK businesses close to £2 billion every month in lost revenue, fines and legal fees.

Just think what your business could achieve if it captured the accessibility opportunity:

  • Gain a share of the £420 million revenue currently lost every single week
  • Make your site more discoverable by search engines
  • Streamline your code and boost page load times
  • Improve usability for everyone and ensure a great customer experience for all site visitors alike 

To find out how to make your site more accessible, join us and our partner Inviqa for our new webinar: Accessing Profits – Making Accessibility Work For Your Users and Your Business

Let us show you how better accessibility isn’t just good manners; it’s good business too.

Reserve your place now.

What you’ll learn

  • The business case for accessibility (backed by new research from Inviqa)
  • How great accessibility means higher search rankings, streamlined code and better web performance
  • Practical real-world tips for starting your accessibility journey
  • How Drupal prioritises accessibility (and what more you can expect in Drupal 9)
  • How to streamline the move to Drupal 9 (whatever version you’re currently running)


Richard Jones Inviqa
Richard Jones, CTO and consultant, Inviqa
Ben Mulling, Acquia
Ben Mulling, Senior Software Engineer, Acquia








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