How to Build an Open Content Marketing Platform with Drupal 8

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Enterprise marketing’s shift from push to pull based acquisition models has formally changed the way in which organizations interact with their consumers.

How to Build an Open Content Marketing Platform with Drupal 8

With today’s buyers searching for purchase information online, companies generate content to be found first and, with 88 percent* of organizations leveraging content marketing, those that don’t risk undiscovery and fewer sales.

Creating a successful content marketing strategy and choosing a platform is difficult. It goes beyond SEO and an intuitive website. To accommodate the IT team that manages the platform and the marketing team that creates content on it, content marketing solutions should be flexible, future proof and secure.

Join Katelyn Fogarty (Acquia digital marketing manager), Michael Silverman (Duo Consulting CEO) and Richard Lawson (Duo Consulting CTO) to learn about:

  • Best of breed “Open marketing” based on open standards and APIs
  • Lower-cost open source alternatives to proprietary content marketing platforms
  • Drupal 8’s enhanced usability, speed and stability

*Content Marketing Institute September 30, 2015

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