Episode 5: Using Technology to Accelerate Your Personalization Initiative

After performing content audits, defining customer segments, creating persona-based content strategies and adopting best practices, the final step in your personalization journey is to find a technology that can support all of these initiatives.

In the final episode of our series, FFW and Acquia will discuss how to find a technology stack that works best with your current systems, and one that will be able to optimize your personalization strategy now and into the future.

We will cover:

  • Key elements to look for in a martech stack
  • Best of breed solutions versus integrated suites
  • Decision pitfalls to be aware of along the way
  • How Drupal’s omni-channel capabilities can integrate with other systems, and make personalization on your digital properties simpler and easier
  • How to define success and what to measure against

Featured Speakers

Melanie Poitras

Melanie Poitras

Former Senior Director, Customer Experience & Analyst Relations Acquia

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