Episode 3 | 3 Steps to Grow Your Customer Base in a Downturn

What's Covered?

More than ever, customers are experience driven and want ways to connect with brands in new ways. In an economic recession, customers are looking for value. This doesn't have to mean the cheapest option out there.

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In the last year, 39% of customers say they’ve shopped with a different brand than usual. This webinar will explore how you can use 1st party data to ensure you’re communicating with your customers about the things that are important to them, through the right channel at the right time. This will help make your customers loyal to your brand.

We will discuss:

  • - What parts of a DXP are the most important to invest in now?
  • - What is a 1st party data strategy, and how can I get started?
  • - Why you should prioritise understanding the sentiment of your customers and how to use this to drive revenue

Featured Speakers

Tom Bianchi Headshot

Tom Bianchi

Senior Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing