Delivering Exceptional Digital Customer Experiences

What's Covered?

  • Drivers of a great CX and EX
  • Optimize first party data strategy
  • Content development and management
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Businesses worldwide are feeling the turbulence of the energy crises, inflation, and rumors of an approaching recession.

One thing will remain constant throughout this period — customers expect excellent experiences whenever they interact with a brand. Our research found that businesses are prioritizing customer retention over the next 12 months. They’re doing so by 56% planning to improve customer experience & 58% focusing more on customer service.

Join our customer experience experts from Acquia & Ci&T to learn:

  • Personalization: A great CX begins with empathy and understanding the customer
  • Creative Design Experience: A great EX (employee experience) as an enabler of CX
  • First party data strategy: How to responsibly harness it as competitive advantage
  • Content development & ongoing optimization: Matching content production and utilization to customer desire
  • Digital Excellence & Management: The tech stack you need to put the right content in front of customers at the right time


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