The Commerce Evolution: Importance of Leveraging Data, Content, and Brand Identity

Commerce is competitive — that’s nothing new. But the competition in today’s digital commerce landscape is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The top initiative for retail business influencers and decision makers in 2017 is to improve the experience of their customers.

Rich and engaging content is a necessity as a major deciding factor for online shoppers. Within this, personalization is slowly evolving to individualization. Engaging customers as a "segment of one", in real time, is going to be the new norm. Retailers must listen, capture, measure, assess, and act on customers’ intent across every enterprise touchpoint.

In this webinar hosted by WBR Digital, you will learn, through client examples, how to successfully individualize the customer experience by:

  • Working with technology partners to centralize customer data within the organization
  • Identify data collection gaps in the customer journey
  • Leverage process (or lack thereof) information when considering digital engagement solutions


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Featured Speakers


Chuck Fishman

Former Director of Industry Marketing and Development, Acquia Inc.

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