AI in DAM: Interactive Roundtable

What's Covered?

  • Automation opportunities through AI and integrations
  • Workflows to incorporate human review of AI generated data
  • How to pick and test your first AI use case
  • Tips to prepare for the future
  • Live Q&A
Additional Info

Content chaos – nobody has time for that

Speed and efficiency – a must have

AI in DAM – something we’re all paying attention to now.

Between the plethora of content and channels, and the push to do more, faster, AI is making an impact to help content creators and marketers better respond to operational demands and market opportunities.

Following DAM NY and Acquia's release of new AI-powered capabilities to help streamline content operations, we invite you to join us for an interactive roundtable discussion to dive deeper into the use cases and questions you seek answered.

Cameras are optional, and interaction is encouraged.

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Featured Speakers

Jake Athey Headshot Teal Backgroudn

Jake Athey

Vice President, Sales and Go-To-Market, DAM and PIM