Acquia Q3 Roadmap: Innovations and Refinement For Building Better Digital Experiences

What's Covered?

  • Identification of Acquia's three common customer challenges and how our open DXP roadmap plans to address them
  • How Acquia is harnessing AI to transcend traditional experience creation
  • A sneak peek into upcoming product releases and features
Additional Info

As CMSs evolve into orchestrators of digital experiences, it’s important to understand how to move beyond traditional approaches to experience creation. In this session, we’ll highlight three common customer challenges and how Acquia's DXP roadmap plans to address them.

Success comes down cross-team collaboration:
Our combination of component based, low-code experience assembly with AI assisted content and asset creation is the heart of modern digital experience building.

Complexity is costly, simplicity is savings:
Managing technologies across the modern digital landscape is a lot — and it’s not cheap. Our next generation factory for multi-experience portfolio governance consolidates IT and operational costs while enabling teams to operate at scale.

Personalization doesn’t have to be difficult:
Personalized customer journeys are always more productive. The power of connected content management, digital asset management, and customer data is the key to building data driven customer experiences tailored to unique customer needs.

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