Acquia + Monsido: An Introduction to Your New Web Accessibility Platform

What's Covered?

  • Introduction of your new web accessibility platform, Monsido
  • Defining what a web governance tool is and how it helps you create accessible digital experiences
  • The importance of having accessible content and the business impact this can have on your organization

Additional Info

In a diverse world, not all users interact with software the same way. To ensure digital freedom for all users, Acquia strives to design and develop tools in accordance with web accessibility standards.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to your newest web accessibility platform, Monsido. Monsido unifies web governance, quality assurance, and accessibility - all in one platform

Join us for a discussion on what it looks like to create accessible digital experiences using Acquia and Monsido. We’ll cover the tools Acquia + Monsido equip you and your team with and how you can leverage them to craft the ultimate accessible digital experience.

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