Dev Desktop
Acquia Dev Desktop

Acquia Dev Desktop: Develop & Run Drupal Sites Locally

Dev Desktop is a free app that lets you to install, test, and build Drupal sites locally on your Mac or Windows PC.

Integrate With Acquia Cloud To:


Publish local sites to Acquia Cloud (Free, Professional, or Enterprise) for the benefits of the world’s most powerful Drupal platform, including scalable cloud hosting, team development, dev, stage, and prod environments, and Git workflow.


Clone any of your Acquia Cloud sites, including any Acquia Cloud environment to work on them offline in Dev Desktop. Clone from any of your Acquia Cloud environments (dev, stage, prod, or custom environments).


Make any code, database, or file changes on Acquia Cloud or on your local machine and synchronize them. Pull or push code, databases, or files between Acquia Cloud and the local site running in Dev Desktop.

Use Multisite

Take advantage of Drupal multisite to maintain one code base that runs multiple sites using different databases and files.

Work Offline

Work offline or anywhere on your development projects.

Welcome Wizard

Configure a Drupal website on your Mac or Windows computer using either your choice of several popular Drupal distributions, any Drupal distribution you download, or your Acquia Cloud sites.

What's Included:

Dev Desktop app

The heart of Dev Desktop, the app lets you manage your local or cloud-based sites, including Drupal multisite, and optionally synchronize them with Acquia Cloud. App updates are checked automatically.

Apache web server

The world's most popular web server

Percona MySQL database server


The world's most popular database server




Multiple versions of the programming language that powers Drupal




A popular MySQL management and query tool


XMail Server (Windows only)

An email server that allows your site to send email directly (Mac OS X has this functionality built in)

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