Help banks grow through DXP management

Our partnership can help manage digital platforms to deliver a personalized offer that differentiates your bank, accelerates new-account growth, and lowers acquisition costs.

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Enabling Growth in Banking

Digital Experience Management

Customer acquisition opportunities exist for banks that can provide a more compelling connected (digital + physical) customer experience. Acquia + CI&T have collaborated on a joint offer focused on experience management that is more predictive and creates tailored experiences for bank customers and prospects.

Why Acquia and CI&T?

Product Flexibility

Open-source content management system (CMS) framework provides the flexibility and customization you need in today's fast-moving world of digital services.

End to End Solution

Strong 12-year relationship with Acquia + CI&T with seamless delivery of the strategy, design, technology and operating model.  Also, long-term partnership with clients.

Proven Results

From improved engagement to better overall quality on delivery, CI&T and Acquia have been supporting Enterprises with great DXP solutions in different markets.

Banking Expertise

Industry veterans with 20+ years experience.  Deep understanding of the nuances of banking geographies, products, and customer needs.  Anticipate emerging industry trends.

Open Platform

Acquia's open source DXP platform has many advantages vs. alternatives - including unlimited customization options, integration with different channels via APIs, mature products with ready to use capabilities.

Lower TCO

Acquia DXP's total cost of ownership is also less than that of competitors due to lower upfront licensing costs and lower recurring fees, which grow as your site traffic grows.  Some rivals also don't offer cloud-based solutions.

Your Solution Guide

Expertise with Acquia

CI&T has extensive knowledge with Acquia DXP and has implemented solutions that leverage a number of the core products.  By combining the best parts of Acquia DXP with our talented team we are able to build you a lasting solution.

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Cloud Platform

Vast experience implementing and supporting Drupal enterprise projects for different clients in Acquia Cloud.


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Site Factory

Increasing quality and productivity in the way you build and update digital experiences.


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Site Studio

Delivering an easy-to-use no-code interface where anyone can design individually-optimized experiences.


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Experience implementing Platforms providing ways to govern, run and enhance a portfolio of digital experiences.


Acquia and CI&T at a Glance


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Drupal Talents

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Global Reach

Largest Drupal shop in Southern hemisphere

Main Drupal promoter in Asia and South Pacific

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15+ Years

of Experience in Drupal

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Drupal Accredited

40+ Acquia certified engineers

2 Acquia Grand Master

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Top 3

active community member

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Active Community Supporter

100+ projects

62+ contributed modules Drupal core committer 

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Acquia Practice Certification Partner

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Acquia DXP Specialist

Partnership Recognitions

The Acquia Practice Certification Program rewards partners who demonstrate a mastery of Acquia’s Cloud Platform in three separate areas of expertise: Drupal Cloud, Marketing Cloud and DXP. These certifications are awarded to organizations with a proven record of technical achievement, and a commitment to driving transformative business engagements on the Acquia Platform.

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Acquia Partner of the Year

2017, 2018, 2019

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Certified Drupal Cloud Practice


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Certified Marketing Cloud Practice