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Acquia Campaign Studio vs Bronto Marketing Platform

See why Acquia Campaign Studio is the better choice for your business. 

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Bronto end of life is coming May 2022


Level up your email with marketing automation

Consumers are connecting with brands across multiple channels. Whether it’s online or offline, consumer expectations and buying journeys have changed and can start and end on any channel. Omnichannel experiences are now critical to engaging with consumers. From optimizing email programs, launching customized campaigns, to orchestrating the ideal customer journey, Marketers must quickly go from content to creation and leverage customer insights to deliver experiences that keeps their customers coming back. Acquia Campaign Studio enables marketers to access and utilize customer data to deliver highly personalized, cross-channel experiences, and drive the results brands need to grow. 

The end of Bronto signals a more widespread extinction - that of the traditional ESP

If you’re trying to build lasting relationships with your customers and increase customer lifetime value, those batch-and-blast emails that lack personalization and relevancy won’t cut it. As channels and data continuously expand, and with customer expectations at an all-time high, emails must be optimized and integrated across all engagement channels. While the email category will continue to grow, the best tools used to send emails nowadays do more than just email.


Features that set Acquia apart

Have you ever had inspiration for a campaign based on certain customer behaviors, but haven’t had the data or resources available? With Bronto, this is a marketers reality. Acquia Campaign Studio leverages visual journey building and campaign execution, acting on the insights and advanced segmentation from Acquia CDP, enables marketers to increase campaign ROI, conversion rates, and customer engagement.

Email Capabilities Acquia Bronto
Drag-and-Drop Email and Landing Page Builder
Dynamic Content Personalization
Contact Segmentation
Contact List Management
Unified Customer View
Intuitive Interface
Machine Learning powered by a Customer Data Platform
Real-time Lead Scoring
Segment-Specific Data (Journey Data)
Multi-tenant Architecture
Adaptive Email Network (AEN) optimized global delivery
Reporting Analytics & Dashboard
Flexible Integrations & Plug-Ins with API orchestration engine
Out-of-the-box campaigns
Distributed Marketing
Personalized marketing dashboards

Acquia Campaign Studio

Acquia Campaign Studio is a marketing automation platform that empowers marketers to centrally ideate, orchestrate, and deliver compelling, individually personalized campaigns across all channels.

  • Elevate your email


    Plan, execute, and optimize your email programs with the industry’s most trusted email sending and deliverability platform. Acquia Campaign Studio uses SparkPost, the world’s most performant email infrastructure for its email capabilities.

  • Marketing automation

    made simple

    You are ready for a tool that allows you to design campaign templates, set email guardrails around workflow processes, and still has the ease of use of a “starter” platform… It's time to switch to Acquia Campaign Studio.

  • Automated cross-channel


    Customers don’t want an email-only strategy -- they expect connected experiences across channels and devices. Select a marketing automation tool that lets you customize journeys for audiences at every stage.

  • End-to-end


    Flexibility is important beyond just architecture and integrations. Having the power to customize your own workflow is often important to both seasoned marketers and those in training.


  • Built for scale

    and governance

    Guarantee delivery, availability, and security at any scale. Our platform is built to support some of the largest organizations with the most stringent security requirements.

  • Integrate your tech


    Acquia’s API-first strategy is designed so you can integrate any tool. With Acquia Campaign Studio, you can say goodbye to inflexible architecture and hello to quick turn ROI.

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