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Tomorrow’s Digital Experiences Today: Acquia a Leader in Gartner DXPs

February 13, 2020 4 minute read
Customer expectations for digital experience are growing. As a Leader in DXP Acquia meets the current and future needs of today's customer.
leader in DXP

Independent analyst firm Gartner recently published the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), and Acquia is positioned as a Leader. You can download a copy of the report and see the results yourself, but we wanted to dive deeper into how Acquia’s open approach to DXP is positioned to meet both the current and future needs of today’s customers. 

Gartner defines DXPs as “an integrated and cohesive piece of technology designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multi experience customer journeys.”  There’s huge momentum driving the growth and adoption of digital experience capabilities. Organizations win and lose based on the customer experience they deliver. 

The expectations customers have for digital experience have grown exponentially. It used to be that a website powered by a web content management (WCM) system was the experience that mattered. This is an area Acquia has excelled in for more than a decade. (Acquia has been in the Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management for the past six years.) As the leading provider of Drupal cloud solutions, thousands of organizations use Acquia to build secure, scalable and compliant web sites and applications. Some clients have hundreds or even thousands of brand sites, and Acquia's cloud platform provides the governance and scalability global brands need to streamline delivery and remove complexity. 

Organizations are investing in strategy and technology to get digital experiences right as they seek to win, serve and retain customers over the long term. This has driven Acquia’s vision for DXP and has resulted in delivering additional capabilities to help customers build the best possible experiences across multiple channels. 

Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform uniquely answers the call for seamless, personalized experiences in more innovative ways than other DXP offerings, by letting you leverage Acquia’s capabilities or by bringing your best-of-breed martech, which integrates with our core platform. Our open DXP provides the backbone for thousands of organizations’ digital experience strategies. It’s a set of cloud-based technologies that bring together the tools and infrastructure necessary for developers, IT operations and marketers to build, manage and optimize the world’s greatest digital experiences.

The Challenge to Deliver Seamless Experiences at Scale

Acquia’s DXP philosophy is centered on creating open experiences in order to tackle the major hurdles that organizations are facing when it comes to delivering the consistent and convenient experiences customers expect. Let’s look further at three of the biggest challenges around customer experience today before we demonstrate how Acquia’s DXP provides the solution

  • The proliferation of digital channels. Beyond the website, channels like mobile, voice, text, social and digital signage are just a few of the channels customers visit on their journey with brands today. It’s hard to deliver consistent, personalized content and experiences across each of these channels.
  • Trying to orchestrate multiple experiences at scale. Organizations struggle with many sites, many sources of data and multiple existing martech systems each doing their own thing. To be successful in this digital era, you need to unify these channels, data, and applications to work together to give customers consistent, informed experiences.
  • Siloed customer experiences. Directly related to the challenges with a multitude of channels and martech applications, experiences are too often singular - disconnected from the other touchpoints a customer or prospect visits on their way through the customer journey.

How the Acquia DXP Delivers Innovative Solutions and Fulfills Customer Expectations

To overcome these challenges and to facilitate seamless orchestration across channels, you need a DXP that supports consistency and innovation, while still being flexible, extensible and adaptable. You need an open DXP, one that embraces and integrates with the customer-facing tech you currently deploy and gives you room to innovate as new capabilities come to market.

This is a stark alternative to the from closed, monolithic DXP stacks you may see from other vendors. You need pre-built integrations to all the DXP products being used in the enterprise and simple APIs for developers to build exactly what they need.

With Acquia, organizations can leverage key capabilities such as personalization and journey orchestration to deliver the right experience to each individual at the right moment; marketing automation that delivers personalized campaigns via email and other channels; multi-site management that supports sites at scale and ensures brand governance; and centralized customer profiles that unite disparate customer data into a unified, actionable view of each customer and prospect so you can target the message or experience. Organizations can also integrate best-of-breed technology with the Acquia platform via an open integration approach - using existing martech solutions to maximize value.

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