Q3 2019 Product Updates to the Acquia Experience Platform

All of our updates and new products to the Acquia Experience Platform for Q3 of 2019.

While we can’t predict the future at Acquia, our open foundation allows customers to seize every opportunity and freely embrace innovations as they come. The Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps businesses achieve success in an increasingly complex digital world by connecting open technology, cloud and data-driven experiences on the only platform optimized for Drupal. Our commitment to being open means that we build products that integrate with all of the other tools teams are using, giving them the flexibility to grow and explore new solutions.

Each quarter, we provide new and improved product features as part of our long-term roadmap, which is guided by four overarching product innovation themes: speed and agility, business results, cost of ownership and risk management. Here’s a look at the new product capabilities we released during this past quarter and how they help everyone from developers to IT to digital marketers and site architects build more powerful digital experiences. (By the way, if you’d like to learn more about these features, you can always check out our recent webinar that covered these updates in detail…) 

Developers and IT Professionals

Acquia Dev Studio

In Q3, we launched the new Acquia Dev Studio, a suite of tools designed to improve the productivity of Drupal developers by unifying and streamlining disparate tools and processes and making applications faster and easier to deploy. Recently, Acquia released both the browser-based Remote Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and downloadable Command Line Interface (CLI). 

  • Remote IDE: An on-demand IDE (code editor) and development environment makes it easier than ever to create with Acquia on any operating system, network or device. 


Command-Line Interface: This command-line tool streamlines the Drupal development and deployment process, empowering developers to build sites in just a few minutes.  



Acquia Cloud Platform

Our new Acquia Platform CDN is a Drupal-optimized managed CDN for Acquia Cloud Platform that accelerates site delivery and takes the administrative burden of managing a CDN off of your team. The new CDN is pre-configured and optimized out of the box to get sites up and running faster and maximize delivery speed. 

For Marketers, Site Builders and Content Editors

Acquia Lightning  

Imagine spending hours or days creating the perfect blog post or landing page copy only to lose all your work due to a sudden computer crash or an outage? There’s nothing worse than having to start over on a blank page when your project fails to save and then rushing a new draft to meet a deadline.

Thankfully, you’ll never again have to suffer the pain of having your content slate wiped clean. The new Acquia Lightning Autosave feature automatically saves content at intervals during the editing process and enables better collaborative editing by preventing overwrites when multiple editors are working together on content. 

autosave feature

Acquia Personalization

Marketers today are more focused than ever on creating relevant customer experiences that provide the right content at the right moment. Acquia Personalization lets you execute exceptional personalized experiences with ease by unifying customer data and profile data from multiple sources to deliver context-appropriate experiences in real time. 

New capabilities for Acquia Personalization include: 

  • Content Recommendations: Marketers can easily create “always-on” personalizations that recommend the right content to the right person as they explore your site.   
  • Faster, Fresher Data: Overall improved performance and loading time for reporting and data querying reduces the former 24-hour cache process to less than one hour.
  • Improved Campaign Analytics: Simpler, improved analytics make it easier to understand the performance of personalization campaigns and determine success and demonstrate impact. 
  • Mixed Campaigns: The ability to create and run multiple component personalization campaigns allow marketers to mix and match different personalization components, such as A/B testing and targeted personalization and more easily measure their success 
mixed campaign

Moving forward, we’ll continue to invest in our platform and focus on delivering long-term customer value. Our mission is to meet the demands of today and tomorrow by helping customers provide world-class digital experiences anywhere and offering products that can seamlessly adapt to whatever the future holds. 

We’ll be back with another product update recap next quarter. For more information on our new product features and strategy, watch our most recent Acquia Platform Updates and Capabilities webinar

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