How Paychex Replatformed on Drupal and Doubled Its Website Traffic

When it comes to customer expectations, technology has to be both powerful and easy to use. accomplished both feats by moving to Drupal.

 Erica Bizzari of Paychex speaks at Acquia Engage 2018
Erica Bizzari of Paychex speaks with Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert at Acquia Engage.


One trend I've noticed time and time again is that simplicity wins. Today, customers expect every technology they interact with to be both functionally powerful and easy to use.

A great example is Acquia's customer, Paychex. Its digital marketing team recently replatformed using Drupal and Acquia. The driving factor was the need for more simplicity.

Paychex completed the replatforming work in under four months, and beat the original launch goal by a long shot.

By leveraging Drupal 8's improved content authoring capabilities, Paychex also made it a lot simpler for the marketing team to publish content, which resulted in doubled year-over-year growth in site traffic and leads.

How Paychex replatformed on Drupal and doubled its website traffic

To learn more about how Paychex accomplished its ambitious digital and marketing goals, watch my Q&A with Erica Bizzari, digital marketing manager at Paychex.

Watch Acquia Engage 2018 - Q&A with Paychex on YouTube.

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