Future-Proof Your Digital Strategy for China with Acquia China Managed Services

Acquia China Managed Services offers a holistic managed service for Drupal to help organizations launch compliant digital experiences in China.

Despite having the largest number of internet users in the world, citizens in China have limited access to a wide number of websites due to restrictions by the Chinese government. The Great Firewall of China acts as a giant filter preventing access to external sites that are unapproved by the Chinese government. This means that websites hosted outside of China are going to load much more slowly than websites hosted within the Great Firewall. 

Organizations hoping to host websites in China must also contend with the Chinese government’s unique cybersecurity laws, including acquiring a valid government Internet Content Provider (ICP) license and undergoing an annual audit for their existing networks to continue to operate their sites. Businesses can spend countless hours working to understand the proper laws and licenses in order to craft a compliant technical strategy. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. 

We recently announced Acquia China Managed Services, a fully managed service for Drupal sites, operated and supported by Acquia. This service includes a ready-to-use development, staging and production environment, 24/7 critical platform and Drupal support, Solr search service, 24/7 keep-alive monitoring and more. Acquia China Managed Services will help organizations accelerate timelines for deploying digital experiences and serve as a trusted partner for your digital strategy in China now and in the future. 

A Pre-License Engagement Offers Technical and Compliance Guidance 

Businesses can’t jump headfirst into running websites in China without preparation. Completing the application and registration processes for an ICP license, audits and other compliance requirements is critical to any organization’s regional success. Acquia offers native expertise to guide you through each step and assist in navigating complex requirements. 

As part of the China Managed Services offering, Acquia has designed a comprehensive Pre-License Engagement program to guide you through the entire compliance process. We’ll answer any and all customer questions for their unique business case and provide a readiness checklist to fulfill these standards. Gaining compliance in China can be daunting. Acquia is uniquely suited to help.

After businesses secure their necessary credentials and the managed hosting services are up and running in China, our work doesn’t end there. As part of our ongoing educational coaching, businesses get a valuable diagram of their China hosting architecture to help them deftly navigate the audit process after their sites are running. 

Build a Holistic Strategy with Your Technical Account Manager 

Acquia’s philosophy is that we only succeed if our customers succeed. We’ll be by your side each step of the way. Every China Managed Services customer has a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who has been trained with specialized knowledge on creating a technical strategy in China.  And as China rolls out new regulations and laws, we’ll communicate these to our customers and help them understand what those changes may mean for them. For multinational organizations looking to establish a robust, future-proof presence in China, Acquia’s expertise is the easiest way to enter into China and manage your digital properties on Drupal. With the ability to establish a fast-acting, secure digital presence in China, businesses can quickly and reliably reach a major market and set themselves up for global growth in the future. 


For more information on China Managed Services, reach out to your Acquia representative.


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