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Explore Acquia’s Digital Asset Management Platform

May 18, 2023 6 minute read
Explore the different ways you can get to know Acquia DAM (Widen).
Blog header image: Explore Acquia’s Digital Asset Management Platform article.

Your organization should feel confident about the investments it makes. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, right? So, you shouldn’t buy a new software solution without testing it either. That’s why we offer several options to help you see how our platform will work for you. 

We know that a digital asset management (DAM) solution is a critical part of your marketing technology (martech) ecosystem. But the range of systems that claim space in the DAM market are plentiful, which can make it tricky to know exactly what kind of solution you need to solve your business challenges. This is where trial and demo options can really come in handy — to demonstrate in a manageable environment the breadth of a platform.

Try before you buy with a test run of Acquia’s DAM software

Our DAM software, Acquia DAM (Widen), offers an array of functionalities to help keep your content organized, protected, and accessible. But don’t take our word for it; try it out for yourself. We have four ways for you to see Acquia DAM in action. 

1. Watch an on-demand demo

Think of this as the highlight reel. Sam, from our Advisor team, walks you through a live demo of Acquia DAM to focus on the most-used features and answer the most commonly asked questions. It’s a great way to get a fantastic overview in fewer than 12 minutes. Watch a demo

Good for: A quick walk-through of core DAM capabilities

Not good for: Learning how the system can be configured for your use cases and desired outcomes

2. Take a self-guided tour

If you’re ready to get into the platform and try it yourself, then check out our free tour. Discover Acquia DAM by exploring our site for a fictitious retail brand called Eudaimonia. The Eudaimonia brand and all supporting materials in the trial site are inspired by the content management needs of enterprise marketers and creatives. The self-guided tour gives people a way to test the DAM platform’s primary capabilities firsthand, like searching, filtering, and downloading. Buyers can also explore our flexible approach to metadata, which helps users easily find the right content when they need it. And you can explore a beautifully designed brand portal to see how easy portals make it to create and share web pages of on-brand assets. Take a self-guided tour. 

Good for: Getting into the product today for a taste of an end-user experience

Not good for: Validating that the system can support your use cases

3. Request a live demo

Let one of our DAM experts walk you through a demo and answer your questions in real time. Prior to your personalized demo, our team will be in touch to determine your DAM needs and tailor the conversation to your specific requirements. Request a live demo

Good for: A demo personalized to your needs and use cases

Not good for: Seeing the product immediately

4. Get a personalized free trial

Explore a free trial with your own branding and assets. Work with our Advisor and Creative teams to receive a personalized trial experience customized to your brand. Allow team members to experience Acquia DAM firsthand for 45 days to see how it integrates into their day-to-day work. It’s a good way to get a real feel for how your brand assets will work in Acquia DAM. Request your free trial

Good for: Validating the product; using it as a proof of concept

Not good for: Getting into the tool immediately. We take the time to understand your needs before building a trial site specific to your brand.

Maximize your DAM experience

We want to ensure teams get the most out of their demo experiences; that’s why we host our demos and tour using the fictitious Eudaimonia brand. When designing this site, we considered all the brand elements and assets that you would expect to find in a DAM site, including: 

Logos: The Eudaimonia logo is a simple, modern design that represents fluid motion using a rounded, organic letterform. The subbrand logos for Bliss and Reflektor are progressive and kinetic to convey the edge of adventure.

Colors: The color palette is vibrant and inviting to inspire you as you explore the capabilities of Acquia DAM.

Illustrations: The illustrations are icons and diagrams that represent details of bike parts and biking concepts.

Shapes: Circles are featured throughout Eudaimonia’s branded materials, which represent the circular motion of bike wheels and the cyclical process of the content lifecycle.

Photography: The photos represent both lifestyle and product imagery for Eudaimonia’s subbrands Bliss and Reflektor. 

Sales and marketing materials: From product manuals and packaging to event signage, promotional videos, and brand guidelines, the materials in our demo site encompass the types of digital assets any business would use to market a retail brand. 

How to make the most of your Acquia DAM trial experience

If you take the time to try before you buy, you’ll want to make the most of your software exploration. Follow these tips to help determine if Acquia DAM is right for you.

Try Acquia DAM with your business needs in mind

After talking to people who’ll use a DAM solution at your organization, you may have compiled a list of system requirements. It might include things like easy-to-use, flexible metadata or multifaceted search. Keep your specific needs in mind when approaching our trial experience.

Compare your options

Every company is unique, so it’s important to compare different tools to determine the right fit for you. There are a lot of things to consider when making a new technology purchase, which is why we compiled our DAM Evaluation Toolkit to help make your selection process a little easier.  

Getting started

Ready to explore? Whether you’re considering an on-demand demo, free tour, live demo, or free trial, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re just getting started, we can help with that too. This article gives you all the resources you need to guide your DAM selection.

Not quite sure what you need at this point? Let us help. Just get in touch with an advisor, and we’ll work together to get you started.

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