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Acquia Supports New York State’s COVID-19 Response Efforts, Launching New Website in 3 Days

July 30, 2020 3 minute read
When the State of New York needed to rapidly launch new websites and resources in response to COVID-19, Acquia was there to help.
new york city skyline

The COVID-19 global health crisis radically transformed millions of lives in an instant. As more people relied on technology to communicate, work and stay informed, organizations faced an urgent need to accelerate their digital operations to meet evolving demands. The State of New York quickly recognized the need to serve their citizens during this unexpected crisis. In March 2020, they launched the NYS COVID-19 Tech SWAT Team, a partnership between tech industry leaders and public employees, dedicated to quickly building and deploying solutions that would support New York State's COVID-19 response efforts. Acquia has worked with New York State for several years to support their overarching web presence, and our team proudly volunteered to serve the state in their mission.

New York State’s internal technical teams leveraged multiple digital experience capabilities within the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to launch and manage new sites, scale their infrastructure and accommodate the massive influx of traffic to their web properties as millions of New Yorkers sought guidance. Thanks to the use of Acquia Site Factory, the state was able to spin up the informational site within just three days! 

Acquia Site Factory was also used to scale up New York’s Department of Labor website to meet the high demand from state residents looking for information on unemployment insurance benefits. The customer’s account manager and technical account management team assisted with modernizing digital resources such as The NY Department of Labor and kept these critical sites operating even as they experienced a more than 200% increase in total site traffic. The NYS sites on Drupal and Acquia allowed content publishers to meet their mission by rapidly and reliably communicating crucial information to the public. Through a total combined 25,000 hours of work performed by thousands of organizations and volunteers, New York State’s COVID-19 response initiative yielded 49 million service interactions and 342 million page views across 60 million users.

Acquia provides organizations with the fast-acting, reliable support they need to serve the public during moments of sudden change and uncertainty. Our commitment to delivering flexible and powerful digital experiences was showcased in New York State’s immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis and their continued partnership with Acquia to modernize their web presence. 

Our organization was proud to help provide critical resources and support for the State of New York and their constituents during these difficult times. 

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