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Acquia Releases Code Studio, the Only End-to-End DevOps Solution for Drupal

March 1, 2022 4 minute read
A 100% cloud-based development tool for Drupal, Acquia's Code Studio—newly released in partnership with GitLab—offers a fully managed CI/CD pipeline.
product screenshot coming out of a parallelogram

Software developers report that they spend only about 39% of their time creating new code or improving existing code. The rest of their time is spent maintaining, testing, and securing existing code, or on operational tasks. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Acquia Code Studio, a new product that enables developers to spend less time with tedious maintenance tasks and more time innovating. Code Studio is a complete DevOps platform brought to you in partnership with GitLab. It offers a fully managed CI/CD pipeline optimized for Drupal AND all of the tools that you need to plan, test, review, and deploy Drupal applications.

You no longer need to procure, set up, and maintain tools or integrations to build Drupal applications–Acquia Code Studio will do it for you.

With Code Studio added to our lineup of developer tools, Acquia now provides the only end-to-end web platform for Drupal with 100% cloud-based development tools.

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Acquia + GitLab = seamless Drupal development

Code Studio is a version of GitLab, hosted on Acquia’s next generation Cloud Platform, that's optimized for Drupal development. It provides all of the amazing features of GitLab plus Acquia-only features that make building and updating Drupal a breeze.

Code Studio’s fully managed Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline includes automated jobs that will:

  • Install dependencies via Composer
  • Validate your Drupal code (code lint, code sniff, deprecation scan, etc.)
  • Run static security scans for multiple coding languages (including PHP)
  • Execute your tests
  • And more!
Screenshot of Acquia Code Studio interface and features

That means that your code is constantly tested to ensure that it’s secure, up to date, and up to snuff. Once your tests pass, Code Studio will automatically deploy to Acquia Cloud Platform. 

Best of all, Code Studio can do it all out-of-the-box with zero configuration. Of course if you want to extend, override, or customize it, you have complete flexibility and control. That’s what Acquia, Drupal, and Open Source software are all about.

Code Studio will not only ensure quality every time that you make a change, it will also help you by proposing changes itself. Scheduled pipelines will automatically update Composer packages and replace deprecated custom code. Changes are submitted for your review via a Merge Request, triggering the spin up of a dedicated Acquia review environment (CDE), where you can see the updates first-hand. All you need to do is click “merge”; Acquia Code Studio does the rest.

Screenshot of Acquia Code Studio auto update and composer package

Finally, all your Acquia dev tools are integrated with it. You can write code in your browser using Cloud IDEs (the only integrated Drupal development environment) and seamlessly navigate between Cloud IDE, Code Studio, and the Acquia Cloud Platform

Better is faster, faster is better

Imagine being able to release improvements to your Drupal application multiple times per day without fear of regressions. Code Studio makes that possible by offering the ability to implement real Continuous Delivery. That means delivering improvements to your production site continuously, without toil or an excess of human process. How?

With Code Studio, every change can be tested automatically. Review environments can be served to you on a silver platter. Approval can be enforced, and deployment can be fully automated. Your Drupal code will be higher quality, more stable, and more secure. When a new feature is ready, it can ship with the single click of a button.

Scary? Contrary to what you might think, going faster in the world of development actually reduces risk. Increasing automation means less human error. Making changes more often means that each change is smaller and lower risk. Reducing bugs and incidents in turn creates more time for greater innovation and value. 

Code Studio enables you to embrace Continuous Delivery and create a virtuous cycle that lets you and your team evolve toward greater productivity.

Learn more about Code Studio or request a personalized demo with an expert.

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