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Acquia Named a Leader in 41 G2 Winter Reports

December 19, 2023 2 minute read
Acquia is a Leader in 41 G2 Winter Grid Reports, based on feedback from customers and partners using our solutions to create digital experiences.
Blog header of Acquia's recognition as a G2 Leader

Acquia is excited to be recognized as a Leader in 41 G2 Winter Grid Reports. The designation on the G2 software marketplace is based on feedback from customers and partners who use Acquia’s solutions to create productive digital experiences. 

Acquia is #1 in G2 Global reports for Enterprise Managed HostingEnterprise Web Hosting, and Enterprise WebOps Platforms. The company is also a Leader in Global reports for Digital Experience Platforms, Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, and Product Information Management. G2 users also called out Acquia solutions for ease of setup, ease of administration, and strong user adoption within customer organizations. 

Customers have this to say about Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP) products and solutions, including Acquia Cloud Platform and Acquia DAM:

“Our account management team is always ahead of us, providing info and guidance before issues can arrive. The technical team is quick to help when we need them and overall our team is what makes our website management so effortless!” 

Customer working in the hospital and healthcare industry

“The best thing is its performance and capacity to upscale. We moved to the platform for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest one was performance as well as security. Acquia Cloud has delivered in both cases.”

Customer working in non-profit management

“Acquia DAM is easy to use and gives a ton of customizable features. From creating portals that we can share with the team to being able to integrate it easily with other vendors and websites, it is the full package. It was easy to implement within the company, easy to train our staff on and is used on a daily basis. We are wondering how we used to function before we added the DAM.”

Social media specialist

Listening to the voices of customers is critical to Acquia, as well as to marketers and technologists evaluating content management, cloud platform, and other martech solutions. G2 responses from verified product users show how products are really being utilized, so buyers can compare advantages. 

To explore Acquia’s solutions and hear from customers and partners in their own words, go to our streaming channel, Acquia TV:

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