Headshot of Garrett Moedl, director of product marketing at Acquia
Director of Product Marketing Acquia

Garrett Moedl

Garrett Moedl is a seasoned professional in the world of product marketing. Hailing from Arizona and now residing in the Bay Area, Garrett brings a unique personal touch to his work, driven by his passion for martech software, particularly in the customer experience space and digital experience platforms. With an exceptional track record, Garrett possesses a masterful ability to navigate various industries, including SaaS, enterprise software, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. He excels in crafting and executing go-to-market plans that consistently propel products to new heights.

Garrett's expertise extends beyond strategy. He has an innate talent for translating intricate technical concepts into compelling messaging that resonates with target audiences. Furthermore, his knack for identifying and documenting customer stories amplifies the value proposition of the products he champions. If you're looking to transform your marketing efforts and achieve exponential growth, it's time to get in touch with Garrett Moedl. Let's connect and strategize together.