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Master Terms

Our Subscription and Services Agreement or “SSA” applies to any Products and Services procured from Acquia and details the commercial and legal aspects of our Products and Services; the Product and Services Guide provides product and other end-user documentation of the Products and Services including their respective SLAs.

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Our general Data Processing Addendum or “DPA provides the necessary supplementation of the Subscription and Services Agreement regarding processing of your Personal Data or the Personal Data of your employees, customers, and other business partners and those of your affiliates.

We provide this pre-signed DPA as a self-serve option. Please follow the instructions at the bottom on page 1 of the DPA.

The DPA applies to any relevant privacy law globally. It includes:

  • EU / Switzerland: the latest Standard Contractual Clauses
  • United Kingdom: the latest International Data Transfer Addendum (IDTA)
  • California: a specific section regarding CCPA/CPRA
  • US State Privacy Laws: explicitly clarifies that the new US State Privacy Laws are included.


Technical and Organizational Measures 

The DPA also includes Acquia’sSecurity Annex, a document explaining Acquia’s Technical and Organizational Measures and overall security posture.

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Product Notices

Product Notices marked as “GDPR Product Notices” describe in detail the privacy-related aspects of each Service and Product such as data subjects, data categories, cross-border transfers, certifications, technical features to limit data processing such as encryption or pseudonymization

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Subprocessor List

The Subprocessor List provides you with the current sub-processors used or potentially used for each of our Products and Services. Some products allow customers the choice of the underlying infrastructure or the addition of add-ons. Depending on your choice the applicable subprocessors vary. You may also subscribe to Subprocessor Notifications by filling out this simple form to receive the latest updates about changes.

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Privacy Policy/ Notices

The Acquia Privacy Policy provides the latest version of our Privacy Policy and should be reviewed if you have concerns about what Acquia does with your information.  We also provide a Candidate Privacy Notice that provides prospective employees with more detail about the information that we store and collect during the application process.