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Since 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) has leveraged its advanced software engineering heritage to become the foremost global digital transformation services provider — leading the industry in digital and physical product development and digital platform engineering services. As an Acquia Global Partner, EPAM has successfully delivered more than 750 sites for customers across 40 countries.

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How EPAM & Acquia Help You Create Engaging Digital Experiences

Strategy & Consulting

EPAM delivers engaging, personalized customer experiences, develops intuitive user interfaces, creates powerful search and comparison tools, and provides integration expertise to connect your full enterprise architecture.


From concept and design to architecture, development, and ongoing maintenance, EPAM delivers and offers full-lifecycle support for a broad range of Drupal applications, crafting beautiful, user-focused experiences that become the life of your brand.

Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform

EPAM’s Drupal engineers have proven expertise building applications with Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform and its full suite of services and products. We approach each project holistically, take the time to understand your business objectives and know how to effectively leverage these tools to ensure you achieve your goals. EPAM specializes in multi-site, multi-brand experiences on Acquia’s Site Factory and is an early adopter of Acquia's Site Studio and Customer Data Platform.


Launched in Five Weeks

Vitalaire’s award-winning next-gen patient portal enhances CX

The ability for patients to manage their healthcare remotely became increasingly important because of the 2019 global pandemic. VitalAire, a leading provider of healthcare services, and its parent company, Air Liquide, recognized an opportunity to improve the patient experience through the digitization of medical supply refills. To accomplish this goal, VitalAire turned to EPAM to develop a commerce-enabled next-generation patient portal that would support its patients who need lifelong care to manage their diabetes.

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Project Highlights

New VitalAire Patient Portal 

  • Features a prescription-based ordering tool
  • Enables patients to remotely manage their diabetes treatments
  • Allows patients to easily reorder supplies from home
  • Was completed and launched on time and within budget in May 2020

Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Redesigned the existing website to improve customer experience
  • Integrated the new platform with ERP systems to provide product information, order status updates and order history
  • Integrated additional payment methods into the new platform (PayPal, Ingenico)
  • Implemented a marketing space to include customer-relevant information and search capabilities
  • Enhanced the customer journey through user profiles, appointment requests and reordering capabilities

Technology Stack

  • Drupal 8
  • Acquia Cloud Platform
  • Acquia Search
  • HubSpot
  • GitLab
  • commercetools
  • SAP Order Management
How Sweet It Is

Inside the EPAM and Mars Digital Transformation

As a global brand that produces everything from candy to pet food to nutritional supplements and beyond, digital transformation at Mars is a uniquely complex effort. Lieu Phouc, Digital Experience Senior Architect, and Kaarthikeyan Subramaniam, Digital Engineering Lead, will join Seth Gregory, Head of Drupal Competency at EPAM for an in-depth look at where they are in the process, how Acquia is empowering them to launch and scale at lightning speed, how they’re empowering their business users to do more, and plenty of other delicious tidbits.

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Reduction in Development Time

by assembling brand sites with the starter kit instead of building/developing from scratch


Reduction in Ongoing Maintenance Costs

across all sites on the platform.


Initial Cost Savings

that are expected to increase continuously as the platform scales with additional sites.

Combining Content & Commerce

EPAM Acquia + commercetools Accelerator

In today’s digital landscape, businesses combine the strengths of enterprise digital platforms and modern architecture to stay competitive and innovate at an accelerated rate. And with the evolving needs of consumers, organizations must implement scalable and flexible solutions for content and commerce.

As an Acquia Global Select and commercetools Global Solution Partner, EPAM has paved the way for organizations to solve this challenge with the EPAM Acquia + commercetools Accelerator. Download our brochure today to learn more about how you can accelerate your commerce strategy with the power of Acquia and commercetools.

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Drupal + Epam + Commerce Tools
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Accelerating Digital Transformation With EPAM


EPAM's Seth Gregory shares the trends that are driving digital transformation and best practices for creating digital experiences.


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Design, Build & Deliver Digital Experiences at Scale


Our Drupal engineers have proven expertise building applications with Acquia Drupal Cloud and its full suite of services and products. EPAM specializes in delivering multisite, multibrand experiences at scale with Site Factory and is an early adopter of Site Studio.


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EPAM in the Drupal Community

Epam Is a Premium Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association

EPAM has been a Premium Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association since 2014 and is dedicated to the success of the Drupal community and its open-source ecosystem. More than 50 EPAM Drupalists contribute to the Drupal project.

Epam Sponsors Drupalcon & Drupal Camps

EPAM proudly sponsors DrupalCon and local Drupal Camps, including the annual Drupaldelphia conference, which is co-organized by members of the EPAM Drupal team. We are six-time DrupalCon presenters, host the monthly Philadelphia Drupal meetup, and are regularly featured at regional conferences.


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