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Futureproof your customer experiences for growth

Start with a no strings attached digital experience audit from global level Acquia partner, Wunderman Thompson.

How are you performing?

Your digital experience performance is at the heart of ensuring that your consumers’ expectations are met in the post-COVID era. Your Google ranking, the speed at which your site loads, the accessibility of your content and your customers’ perception of how safe your site is, can all lead directly to new revenue and future growth or, conversely, the loss of that revenue and growth.

Introducing the DX audit

Wunderman Thompson’s Digital Experience performance audit for Acquia and Drupal will help you to identify where you need to make improvements against these key performance indicators:

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does your site load quickly? How does this impact your users and how do your competitors compare? Poor performance will result in greater bounce rates.

Mobile first

Does your site work well on mobile devices? Your customers need responsive interfaces on all devices and your Google ranking depends on it.


Can you boost traffic to your site? Good SEO practices ensure that you present your customers and search engines with optimised, contextual content.


Does your site comply with accessibility standards? This will ensure that all your customers can fully engage with your brand online.


Do you have any obvious security vulnerabilities? Brand reputation can be severely impacted by breaches and the legal ramifications.


Your customers need the assurance that you are visibly complying with regulations and building privacy into your website DNA.

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Are you an existing Drupal customer?

How do you know whether your digital estate is performing as well as it should be? Your analytics will help to build a picture of where you are losing customers. But what about those that simply can’t find your site? You’ll have a good idea of bounce rates on specific pages. But can you account for whether customers are leaving simply because they are frustrated with the speed at which pages load? 

At Wunderman Thompson, we’ve developed a new service that helps to identify where you are losing customers due to the performance of your Drupal site. It all starts with a free, no strings assessment. Get in touch now to book yours and ensure that your digital estate is well and truly futureproofed for growth.

Wunderman Thompson & Acquia

Why customers choose us

Acquia combines the flexibility of Drupal with the world’s only Open Marketing Cloud for an unrivalled enterprise Digital Experience. Wunderman Thompson boasts over 300 Acquia developers, with 5 Acquia Grand Masters among them. A leading Acquia global select partner and Marketing Innovation Partner of the Year in 2020, Wunderman Thompson has helped leading global brands to better connect with their customers and deliver growth with Acquia.

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