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Marketing Service Providers Are No Longer The Only Choice!

Learn how Acquia eliminates lengthy data cycles of MSPs with self-service access to data, 300+ out-of-the-box metrics and powerful, easy-to-use machine learning for marketers.

Acquia CDP Overview


Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

Liberate Your Data

Acquia’s CDP makes your data open and accessible. You can now explore and leverage data directly, and easily connect it with third party systems without additional contracts.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Avoid hefty contracts and hidden fees of MSPs. Acquia CDP’s SaaS-based pricing structure is predictable and allows marketers infinite flexibility without additional costs.

Future Proof Your Business

Don’t get stuck in a cycle of add-ons and upgrades from your MSPs. As your business needs change, you need to stay nimble. Acquia CDP can easily be configured to meet new needs, and scale to meet future demand while keeping costs in check.

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The Acquia Difference

The Acquia Open Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Platform enables you to personalize experiences at every touchpoint.

The Acquia open source platform empowers change at breakneck speed keeping your time to market relevant and competitive. With Acquia CDP you get the advantages of:

Total 360 Profile

Unify all data into a single, persistent customer record that is available via UI and API to serve as the foundation for all insights and action.

Data Democratization.

Get exact insights you can trust, 300+ out-of the box business metrics and dashboards and use cohort analysis to measure audience performance and behaviors at the segment level. 

Experience and Scale

Rest easy knowing your CDP can seamlessly handle any volume or traffic spikes -- even on peak selling days. Don't worry about the cost or risk of scaling up to support fluctuations in volume and leave this to the experts.

Powerful Machine Learning

Leverage pre-built models, clusters, and recommendations for fast time to value, and easily configure custom models with our no-code approach.

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De-Risk and Accelerate

Stop Being Trapped by a Legacy Marketing Service Provider

Check out our feature differences at a glance and understand where your MSP stacks up and falls short.

Also, hear from customers like JCrew and LIDS who have made the switch and the benefits they now experience.

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