Applied Progressive Decoupling:, Angular, and Drupal

Do you have a JavaScript development team itching to pursue new ideas at a faster rate than the rest of your developers or even Drupal itself can accommodate? How can you best avoid the pitfalls of fully decoupling Drupal and reinventing the many wheels you lose, such as layout management and a seamless administrative experience?

Join Preston So, John Kennedy, and Matt Davis as they discuss the practice behind the theory of progressively decoupled Drupal, an approach that infuses graceful application-like interactivity into your site, without jettisoning the features that make Drupal great on the front end. In this webinar, we’ll also delve into the key motivations for harnessing Drupal’s power as a CMS alongside another powerful framework on the front end via progressive decoupling. Topics covered will include:

  • “Headless” Drupal: The promise and perils of fully decoupling Drupal
  • The top five reasons to progressively decouple Drupal
  • Concrete architectures to implement progressive decoupling
  • A case study on and progressively decoupled Panels
  • And much, much more
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Preston So, Acquia

Preston So

Former Director of Research and Innovation Acquia

Preston So has been a web developer and designer since 2001, a creative professional since 2004, and a Drupal developer since 2007. As Former Director of Research and Innovation at Acquia, Preston lead Acquia Labs and new open-source and research initiatives. Previously, he managed the Entertainment Weekly website, led its development team at Time Inc., co-founded the Southern Colorado Drupal User Group (est. 2008), and operated an award-winning web and print design studio. Preston has presented at conferences on four continents and in multiple languages about diverse topics such as decoupled Drupal, responsive design, front-end development, and user experience. 

"Working at Acquia allowed me to contribute back to an open source community I love deeply," he said.

John Kennedy

John Kennedy

Former Product Leader, Platform Services Acquia

John Kennedy is a former product leader for platform services for Acquia.