2021 Acquia CX Report - UK Edition

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Key UK trends in the adoption of marketing and customer experience technology (with comparisons to global figures) 
  • The role of first-party data in a post-pandemic, hyper digitised world
  • Insights from consumers on their perception of their data privacy
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The last 18 months have radically altered the global economy, and rapidly accelerated the pace of digital transformation for UK businesses. This report looks under the hood of this evolution and provides some key areas for improvement and focus. 

UK brands are ahead of the global curve for the implementation of digital asset management (DAM) tools, digital experience platforms (DXP), and content management systems (CSM). While this is great, it also means UK consumers are expecting more from businesses. 82% say they expect brands to have a consistent message and appearance across their digital platforms, highlighting a key area for focus and investment in 2022.

Insights snapshot: 

  • 92% of UK consumers who currently make purchases online plan to continue these habits post-pandemic, meaning digital experiences are more important than ever
  • 67% of UK marketers say their organisation has prioritised consistent branding across platforms compared with 53% globally, raising the bar for CX 
  • While 87% of marketers believe consumers trust them with their data, just 58% of consumers agree indicating a significant trust gap


For this report, “2021 Acquia CX Report - UK Edition," we worked with Vanson Bourne to collect the views of 8,000 consumers and 800 marketers across Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. Download the global e-book to see more general findings.

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