Personas and Journey Maps: The Definitive How-to Guide for Healthcare Providers

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • Your Healthcare Audience: Patient, Consumer, or Human?
  • Your Guide to Healthcare Personas
  • Understanding Healthcare Journey Maps
  • How to Get Started Building Healthcare Journey Maps
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Today, consumers expect to navigate nearly every aspect of their healthcare journeys through digital channels with ease and transparency. That means healthcare providers are tasked with providing intuitive digital experiences that meet each patient’s unique needs. Personas and journey maps can provide the deep insights into your customers and their journeys that lead to more powerful, loyalty-building digital experiences.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The vital differences between a patient, a healthcare consumer, and a human.
  • The importance of connecting the stages and touchpoints of a patient journey across all channels.
  • How marketing and digital teams can help audiences navigate the patient-consumer-human experience.
  • How personas can help you maintain a focus on the people who use your healthcare system.
  • The practical impacts of a better understanding of the patient experience.
  • The three phases of a healthcare journey map, and how they differ.
  • How journey maps and personas interact and integrate.
  • The five-step process of building a healthcare journey map.

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