The Content Creator's Accessibility Checklist

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • How to seamlessly integrate accessibility into content creation
  • Ways to enhance user engagement with clear, descriptive links
  • Techniques you can use to simplify accessibility compliance
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Elevate the accessibility of your web content with our expertly crafted Accessibility Checklist, tailored specifically for content creators. This essential tool encompasses the pivotal aspects of web design, from crafting unique page titles and descriptive link text to ensuring videos are captioned and form fields clearly labeled. Our checklist will guide you in providing alt text for images and testing your site against critical accessibility scenarios, such as navigating with the keyboard or using a screen reader with the monitor off. By following these practical steps, you'll not only adhere to the Web Accessibility Standards but also enhance the user experience for all visitors. Embrace inclusivity and make your content comprehensively accessible—download our checklist now and start making a difference in how the digital world is experienced.


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