Is Your Content Where it Needs to Be?

There is no shortage of content being created across all industries. According to Newstex, in 2013, 5 exabytes of content was created every single day. That’s 1,000,000 terabytes worth of content every 24 hours. This explosion of content creation, while fueling multiple digital experiences, has also led to silos. Content can end up locked away with the author or group that created it.

Is Your Content Where it Needs to Be?

It’s becoming nearly impossible for organization to effectively manage, store, reuse, or even know what content they have available across their network of sites, channels and systems.

To help businesses better leverage their content internally across their network, Acquia has built Content Hub, a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service.

Acquia Content Hub sits within your existing platform and enables secure authoring, search and sharing of content across your sites, departments, and various technologies.

In this paper, we'll discuss how Acquia Content Hub not only helps business discover, distribute, normalize and reuse content but also helps to reduce costs, save time and mitigate risk.

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