Why Go it Alone? The Hidden Costs and Competitive Disadvantage of DIY Drupal Hosting

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Do-it-yourself Drupal hosting is often more effort than it’s worth. Most Drupal DIY efforts aren’t scalable, lack proper security and ultimately, they end up costing more time and energy to update and maintain in the long run.   

Rather than confine yourself to endless cycles of maintenance and skyrocketing hardware costs, it makes more sense to consult Drupal experts who have the power and security to reduce the burden of hosting and serve as a strategic partner to your goals. 

Read on to discover why self-Drupal hosting may put you at a competitive disadvantage. You’ll learn:

  • The hidden time, opportunity and innovation costs you take on by self-hosting
  • The major challenges that come with securing and maintaining a digital ecosystem at scale
  • How a well-equipped team of Drupal experts can offer better solutions and set your organization up for future success.

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