Case Study

UMass Memorial Health Care




UMass Memorial wanted to launch a new intranet to facilitate and promote communication and collaboration, and streamline the retrieval of information for its 14,000+ employees across the system.


Existing intranet systems were siloed and decentralized at each UMass Memorial entity. Systems were old and not properly supported, therefore negatively impacting employee engagement.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Shield


A new intranet called the Hub is a centralized platform where employees easily locate essential resources, communicate and collaborate where they work and across the system.

The Client

As the largest healthcare system in Central Massachusetts and the clinical partner of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, UMass Memorial Health Care provides a broad range of both general and highly specialized services to communities throughout the region. With sophisticated technology and a full spectrum of support services, patients are provided with excellent healthcare, and the staff includes specialists who are nationally acclaimed for their work. 

The Situation

UMass Memorial sought to design, develop and launch a new intranet to facilitate and promote communication and collaboration and streamline the retrieval of information for its 14,000+ employees across the system. As UMass Memorial has grown over the years organically and through acquisitions, it has been challenged by a lack of a centralized integrated channel to connect and communicate with employees in a large, complex and geographically dispersed system.

The Challenge

Most of the existing intranet sites, running on a variety of platforms and servers, were at least a decade old, and over time the infrastructure and resources to support the sites had waned. As a result, the intranet site was not promoting employee engagement or activity, it was virtually impossible to find content via search, and there was no central source of reliable employee data. 

The Solution

UMass Memorial and their longtime digital partner Centretek launched the healthcare system’s first systemwide intranet site called The Hub, replacing several outdated, disorganized and poorly maintained intranet sites. Their partner conducted an extensive discovery process to create an internet strategy and roadmap for the new site. Together, they chose to build the site on Drupal on the Acquia Cloud Platform, leveraging the dedicated Acquia Shield isolated environment for added security.

The Results

Today, The Hub provides a centralized platform for employees to easily locate essential resources for the entity where they work and across the system. With the Hub, employees now easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues across the entire organization. The Hub offers an intuitive user experience and visually engaging design that supports the organization's brand and award-winning “Everyone, Everyday” internal employee engagement campaign. Since the Hub went live, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and month over month reach has been consistent and continues to grow.