Case Study

Orora Beverage

Engage Awards 2021 Doers
3 K

sessions in the first six weeks


new customer enquiries

9 %

goal conversion rate



Orora Beverage needed a new website that was easy to self-manage while still offering a feature-rich, engaging and consistent experience for customers


The updated website with new UX/UI elements needed to be built from scratch on an aggressive timeline – just two sprints.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia BLT, Acquia Search


The new website was rolled out in less than two months, with noteworthy metrics from the first six weeks:

  • 3,550 sessions
  • 2,370 new users
  • 74 new customer enquiries
  • 8.81% goal conversion rate


Orora Beverage provides market-leading sustainable packaging solutions for the beverage industry. Orora Beverage are specialists in glass bottles, aluminum cans and wine closures, with manufacturing sites across Australia and New Zealand. Orora Beverage works closely with their customers to provide an extensive range of beverage packaging solutions.

Orora Beverage is part of the ASX Listed company Orora Limited (ASX:ORA). Orora Limited is a global manufacturer, distributor and visual communication solutions company with more than 3,800 team members across seven countries.


Orora Beverage needed technology partners to help them quickly enhance their digital experience, build traffic to the new website and enable Orora Beverage to offer a personalized, engaging and consistent customer experience. They needed a user-friendly CMS with a high level of built-in features, including search engine optimization, to allow their team to self-manage content and site structure.


Orora Beverage needed a brand new website with new UX/UI elements. The site needed to be able to send leads to Salesforce CRM, provide feature-rich components and present an interactive and filterable product catalog. 

The team had a very aggressive timeline, with the goal to build the entire website from scratch in only two sprints (or four weeks), plus a few more weeks for loading content, end-to-end testing and going live.

The team needed a process that was fast enough to match the ambitious schedule. 


Based on decades of collective experience, Orora Beverage decided that only an open source environment could meet their needs. They believed Drupal and Acquia Cloud would provide the ideal architecture, based on its combination of an agile CMS and a scalable application development framework. 

Orora Beverage worked with Accenture to speed up Drupal 9 development and delivery. They were able to jumpstart development by about four to six weeks by creating a custom DevOps pipeline in GitLab leveraging Acquia BLT. The optimized pipeline is the foundation of their fast delivery mechanism and a Drupal development asset they will reuse in future Drupal projects.

To make products the priority, Accenture worked with Orora Beverage to develop an entity architecture that could effectively accommodate more than 110 products across categories. They used Drupal 9 to build multiple content types for product pages, news, gallery and more. They also leveraged Acquia Search to create the facet listing features on top of the search API. The high performance of Acquia Search improved both the admin and end-user experience. The site is integrated with Salesforce through the Salesforce Web-to-Lead Webform Data Integration module.


With Drupal and Acquia Cloud Platform, Accenture helped Orora Beverage roll out their new website in less than two months. This is a massive achievement, especially considering the project was delivered with various parties in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Orora Beverage now offers prospective and current customers a site that is visually engaging and drives an immersive user experience. The new site has also been well received by the internal content team, who are now enjoying the ease with which they can add modules, sub-pages and other new elements.

In the six or so weeks since go-live, Orora Beverage has achieved:

  • 3,550 sessions
  • 2,370 new users
  • 74 new customer enquiries
  • 8.81% goal conversion rate