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Harvey Performance Company creates and manages a significant amount of product imagery — approximately 5,000 new assets each year.


The marketing team used a file directory system to manage their product content, making it very difficult to locate files or sync content with other technology platforms.

Our Solution

Acquia DAM (Widen), including the Assets, Entries, Insights, and Portals applications, and integrations.


Acquia DAM’s robust search functionality empowers users to quickly find the assets they need, and integrations with other platforms allows them to distribute content across their technology ecosystem.

The Client

Harvey Performance Company provides world-class products, services, and solutions that increase productivity in manufacturing and metalworking businesses.

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The Situation

Harvey Performance creates and manages a tremendous amount of product imagery — each of their 30,000+ products have multiple associated files, and roughly 5,000 new assets are added annually. Their marketing team uses this content to power their websites, design catalogs, build a social media presence, and support their distributors. 

The Challenge

All of Harvey Performance’s product content was stored in a file directory system that was difficult to search. Retrieving an asset required knowledge of its existence and location, or the filename. Further, when a product was changed or a new product was added, revised assets had to be uploaded to multiple locations. 

Not only was this workflow inefficient and vulnerable to human error, but it made it difficult for the marketing team to maintain version control. They estimated that their team alone spent roughly 12 hours each week searching for, recreating, or resizing assets. 

The Solution

They knew they needed a more coordinated and streamlined workflow to manage and distribute content. After reviewing a number of digital asset management (DAM) platforms, they selected Acquia DAM.

A central, searchable repository

Megan Leonardi, Manager of Digital Strategy and Technology at Harvey Performance, shared that her team invested in Acquia DAM because they needed “to be able to better find and leverage marketing assets that were being lost in our folder structures.” The platform’s robust metadata capabilities and intuitive search tools make this possible. With Acquia DAM, teams across the organization can now find the content they need with ease. Further, permission-based roles allow Megan’s team to control exactly which assets are available to each user group. 

File management tools

Before Harvey Performance had Acquia DAM, their designers spent a lot of time resizing and reformatting images for specific uses, and tracking the most current file version. Acquia DAM’s file management tools eliminated both of these time-consuming tasks. The system’s file conversion tools allow any user to make iterations on the fly, without changing the master creative file. “This removes the need to create duplicative files to accommodate slightly different uses of the same image, based on different image sizes, file type, and ratios,” Megan said. Further, the system’s version control tools track and aggregate each asset’s version history in a single view, so it’s easy to see which file is the most current. 

Integrated systems

Harvey Performance used the Acquia DAM API to build custom integrations that connect the DAM platform with several of their other essential marketing technology (martech) tools, including their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, content management system (CMS), and customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Positioning the DAM system as the central source of truth for their content allows updated assets to be automatically synced across the other platforms. Additionally, the team uses embed codes to automatically publish updated assets wherever they live online. 

Integrations between Acquia DAM and other systems allow Megan’s team to control how and where content is distributed. “We wanted the ability to leverage a single file as the source of truth, and display the one file in many places across our websites and web applications,” Megan said. Additionally, security permissions ensure that every user can only access the content relevant to their work and needs. 

The Results

Brand consistency

Secure and self-serve access to content in the DAM system helps Harvey Performance ensure that only the most current and approved imagery is published across their customer experience, in both print materials and digital touchpoints. “It provides a more consistent experience for our end users, making us look more polished,” Megan shared. 

Workflow efficiency

With Acquia DAM, Harvey Performance has been able to optimize workflows across the organization. “We are now able to leverage a much smarter, more systems-based process to assign the correct assets to the correct products and update a version in one central location, and have that push to all instances of that asset across multiple websites and web applications. It saves major time for the marketing team…and creates efficiencies within the organization,” Megan shared. 

This all adds up to a cohesive customer experience. “[Acquia DAM] allows us to power multiple customer touchpoints — websites, catalog, social media, email, web applications — with the same assets…and provide a better, more consistent experience for our customers.”

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