Case Study

Grupo Security

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10 weeks

for first site

6 weeks

on average per site



With seven business segments having its own marketing department, each with its own agencies, vendors, and collaborators, Grupo Security needed a simplified and optimized way to enable stakeholders to contribute to the digital experience while adhering to the corporate governance framework.


Grupo Security needed technology capable of orchestrating all of its digital channels.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Site Studio

  • The first site was delivered in 10 weeks
  • Six subsequent sites were delivered in an average of six weeks each
  • Time for minor updates reduced from 22 days to hours
  • Time for new websites reduced from six months to six weeks

The Client

Grupo Security SA is a Chile-based company primarily engaged in the banking sector. The company’s activities are divided into seven segments: financing, investments, insurance, services, tourism, real estate, and corporate. 

The Situation

Each of Grupo Security’s segments has its own marketing department, with its own agencies, vendors, and collaborators. The company needed a way to allow each segment to go to market in a simplified, optimized way with reliability and governance, ultimately facilitating promptness and scalability.

The Challenge

Grupo Security has maintained high service quality standards, excellence, and ethics with employees, customers, and vendors. This has resulted in ongoing value creation for shareholders and has been accomplished in adherence to the strict regulatory framework that governs its companies.

One key component of this philosophy is sound corporate governance, which must be safeguarded by the boards of Grupo Security and each of its subsidiaries. The company recognizes technology and processes as strategic means to meet its objectives. In recent years, Grupo Security has strengthened its corporate governance by updating tools, codes, and policies that serve as guidelines for all aspects of the company's operations. With these achievements and good practices, each Security company – through its respective board – can fulfill its duty to shareholders, which involves supervising management's operation of the business and thereby maximizing the company's value.  

Grupo Security wanted technology that could orchestrate all of its digital channels. Specifically, the company wanted technology that was easy to use and able to satisfy internal stakeholders and collaborators while boosting the speed of delivery. Additionally, the company needed a vendor capable of providing local support and expertise.

The Solution

Grupo Security partnered with user experience-oriented company Realmedia Network, which coordinated with Grupo Security’s unit of technological services (UTS) to survey the digital services that needed to be migrated and collaborate on updating servers. 

Realmedia’s teams chose Drupal as their CMS and followed an Agile methodology. The team presented weekly progress reports and monthly stakeholder updates outlining the project’s results, achievements, design concerns, and functional adjustments. Realmedia defined and documented the design components in a system supported by Acquia Site Studio, allowing each site to be delivered on time with integrations in four to six weeks each.

With the new site in place, the UST is giving internal clients the freedom to start customizing and generating new components. Each company site can now adapt its site to meet its business needs, helping grow digital channels. 

Grupo Security’s sites are created in a multisite architecture using Acquia Site Studio as a front-end layer, which allows the creation of standardized components that all the companies in the group can use to create a unified identity across the corporation. Its sites integrate with tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, private APIs, and financial APIs. Users appreciate that it is much easier to update and publish new content, allowing them to implement new sites in less time. 

The Results

The project began in August 2020 with the migration of a first “Vida Security” site in three months. By July 2021, Realmedia completed the migration of the sites of the main companies. Key project highlights include:

  • The first site was delivered in 10 weeks
  • Six subsequent sites were delivered, on average, in six weeks each
  • Reduced time for minor updates from 22+ days to hours
  • Significantly reduced time for new websites from six months to six weeks

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