Case Study





Fizz is a new self service brand designed to disrupt the mobile market by encouraging users to “bring their own phone” and manage their own internet and mobile services.


Integrating an AI business support system into the Acquia environment and reducing time to market requirements.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform

  • A customer-facing solution was delivered in six months 
  • Fizz won a Disruptive Innovation award in 2019.

The Client

Videotron is a leader in Canadian telecommunications. A subsidiary of Québecor Media inc., Videotron is an integrated communications company engaged in cable broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, telephony and wireless telephone services.

The Situation

Videotron wanted to diversify its commercial offering and disrupt the mobile market by launching a new and completely different brand called Fizz that is targeted at an audience that is at ease technologically and has a desire to have autonomy. The main objective is to empower these users to “bring their own phone” to manage 100% of their own service (mobile, home internet or both) online with a seamless browsing experience. 

The Challenge

As the solution was to be AI-based, it required a partner to integrate the AI-based business support system (BSS) into the Acquia environment. Symetris, Videotron's partner, needed to ensure a streamlined UI with high-quality integration with a complex custom-made back end. Videotron needed to reduce the time to market to test this new innovative solution as it was originally planned to take a few years. 

The Solution

Using an agile project management approach, Symetris led daily transparent communication across the different stakeholders and development teams and was able to develop a cutting-edge custom platform using Drupal on the Acquia Cloud Platform. Acquia tools enabled the team to build a better site faster and the team was able to reduce the time required to deploy a proof of concept platform. 

The Results

Acquia Cloud Platform and tools enabled an accelerated time to market and a customer-facing website was delivered in 6 months. In the telco space, it is highly unusual to be in production in less than a year with a fully functioning BSS, OSS and mobile network core. The Fizz brand also won the Disruptive Innovation award at TMForum Excellence awards in 2019 (TMForum is a global non-profit telecom software standard organization).