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Catholic Super Fund

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Catholic Super Fund (CSF) was looking to simplify and consolidate the hosting and management of its various websites.


The management of a large, continuously growing number of sub-brands and their associated websites was made difficult by the lack of internal resources and the number of decentralised online systems.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform


In a matter of a few months, CSF have moved the majority of their websites onto Acquia Cloud Platform, resulting in a much more streamlined web management process and more reliable websites for their tens of thousands of clients.


Catholic Super Fund is part of Equip, a profit to member fund that manages funds under management (FUM) of $30 billion for approximately 140,000 members. Since 1971, they’ve provided support and guidance for members, including financial planning, the transition to retirement, pensions and insurance. 


With its small internal IT team, CSF has always outsourced most of its IT functions and infrastructure. With a number of brands under the CSF umbrella and, as a result, a number of websites to manage per brand, they needed a solution to ensure that their websites are hosted reliably, can be managed with more ease, and have more robust functionality, including the ability to integrate with third-parties. 


With seven websites under the CSF umbrella at the time, their small IT team struggled to maintain them all. In addition, due to the size of the team, much of the IT-based tasks were performed on an ad-hoc basis with little structure and framework available. 

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In 2019, CSF moved the majority of its public websites to Drupal and onto Acquia Cloud Platform, creating an easy-to-manage multibrand setup. With the help of Acquia’s technical support team, CSF’s dedicated web developer has managed the transition with ease. The websites were all set up with the same core functionality, making their management a breeze. 


Since the move to Acquia Cloud Platform, Catholic Super Fund has enjoyed an enterprise solution with very little to no on-premise footprint. 

Major benefits they have reported include: 

  • Great uptime reliability
  • A much more structured and predictable workflow as a result of Acquia Cloud Platform’s release pipelines 
  • Helpful staging and testing environments
  • Exceptionally quick turnaround time for website rebranding — only 1-2 months for a full rebrand (from a technical perspective) 
  • Very little maintenance is required from an IT perspective — it is set and forget

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