Case Study

Cathay Bank

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Cathay Bank offered amazing in-branch experiences, but its online presence fell short. 



 The company needed a modern, digital headquarters that reflected its offline experience.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform


Cathay Bank’s customers are enjoying online banking that is faster and more intuitive than ever.


The Client

Cathay Bank opened in Los Angeles in 1962 to serve the region’s growing Chinese-American community. Always an ally for its account holders, the bank helps everyday people live better lives through service-driven banking, money management and investment services. Since then, Cathay Bank has seen considerable success, now boasting more than 60 branches across the United States and fostering a valued base of loyal account holders.

The Situation

Cathay Bank and its team of representatives offered a great in-branch experience; in fact, Cathay General Bancorp, the holding company of Cathay Bank, is ranked in the Top 20 on Forbes’ Best Banks in America 2020 list — the fifth year in a row the company has achieved this distinction. But the bank’s online presence didn’t demonstrate value to current or prospective customers.

The Challenge

The company needed a modern, digital headquarters that validated its service commitments, maintained the confidence of current clients and helped increase the rate of new account openings. Additionally, Cathay Bank needed a hosting solution that met security compliance standards for the banking industry.

The Solution

Cathay Bank engaged Blue Fountain Media, who first developed an in-depth website strategy to address company strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. During this process, the team identified three key things the new website needed to do: increase traffic and access to key content, provide ongoing community support and demonstrate real value to prospective clients.

To solidify the website’s role as a companion for Cathay Bank account holders, the teams implemented several new site features including “Find a Branch/ATM” tools, which use geolocation to serve users locations relevant to their real-time position, plus an adaptive language selector that, through IP detection, auto-selects the language corresponding to the origin of the user’s connection. 

Additionally, the website was updated to serve three core user segments: personal bankers, business clients and those managing wealth internationally. By providing a navigation solution that lets visitors explore different homepages tailored to their specific needs, every user gets the high-quality homepage experience they deserve. 

The Results

In the increasingly digital world of banking, Cathay Bank now has a website that can stand out among the rest, thanks to Drupal and Acquia Cloud Platform. Meanwhile, its customers are enjoying banking that is faster and more intuitive than ever. The site is fully translated in four languages and meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.