Case Study

Brown Advisory




Brown Advisory wanted to highlight its employees’ thought leadership and expertise to increase its market presence and client base. 


Serving clients in 50 U.S. states and 37 countries required a new website with personalization by country, audience type and product type.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform


The partner was able to cut development time, costs and met all milestones for an on time launch. Traffic is up significantly and bounce rates are down. 

The Client:

Brown Advisory is an independent investment management firm delivering a combination of first-class performance, strategic advice and the highest level of client service to individuals, families and institutions in all 50 U.S. states and more than 37 countries and territories across the globe. Their advisors and employees are world-renowned and publish thought leadership material for Brown Advisory clients and members on a daily basis. 

The Situation:

In order to increase its market presence and client base, Brown Advisory wanted to make its vast library of thought-leadership content more widely available to the investing public. The primary goal was to highlight the firm’s thought leadership and expertise, increase visitation and engagement with the writing and research, and also raise the profile of its advisors and employees.

The Challenge:

To accomplish this, the company needed to modernize its international and domestic websites and pull everything onto one consistent platform to allow for more personalization by country, audience type and product type. Not only did the site need to be multilingual, but it also needed to comply with different financial compliance rules in the UK, U.S. and Europe. Before building the site, the team had to plan for how the information would be served up to each audience type in a particular country, and make sure that the right person was seeing the right material. 

The Solution:

Brown Advisory partnered with Yes& to first develop their content strategy, which incorporated customer needs and audience segments. The homepage was redesigned and now highlights a branded thought leadership area called ‘the Advisory’. The People area of the website was redesigned to highlight the team and byline content. A pre-existing website for mutual funds was also integrated into the core Drupal platform. 

The Results:

Relative to the same time a year prior, the new site experienced a 175% increase in traffic to the thought leadership area of the website, a 25% increase in sessions from search engines within the first month of launch and more than a 10% decrease in bounce rate. The partner confidently met all milestones and delivered on time and at a lower cost with the Acquia development environment.