Now it's personal

Create more authentic experiences that connect with customers on a 1-to-1 level. Use data from Acquia CDP to personalize and optimize—no code necessary.

Acquia Personalization Top Features
Deliver hyper-relevant experiences across your digital properties with Acquia Personalization.
No-Code Personalization
Drag-and-drop functionality enabling anyone to visually build, preview, and launch personalization on any site.
Multilingual Personalization
Build content once and automatically personalize in the right language, no matter where your visitors are.
Multisite Deployment
Create compelling content, collect data, and optimize within a single interface for all your digital properties.
Target and Test
Real-time adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates.
Machine Learning
Automatically recommend content based on what a user is currently viewing or has viewed in the past.
Scheduling Management
Deploy & align personalization to campaigns & programs, like promotions, sales and events.
Real-Time Analytics
A single place to view key metrics, personalization campaigns, web segments, popular web content and more.
Built for Drupal
Drupal integration results in richer data collection and simpler content creation for personalization.
Powered by Acquia CDP
Integrated with Acquia CDP, real-time profiles allow you to deliver in moment relevance for every individual.