Drive customer relevance at every touchpoint with business agility and flexibility. 

Boost profitability & revenue

Increase website conversion rates, response to email, and multichannel engagement through orchestrated journeys and relevant experiences.

Increase customer loyalty

Turn one-time transactions into repeat business while delivering the experiences consumers expect. Enhance existing loyalty programs with a complete view of the customer.

Increase operational efficiencies

Give marketing and business teams direct access to unified customer data and streamline interdepartmental dependencies. Enable all teams to understand customers holistically.

Decrease time to market

Launch campaigns with speed and ease. From data analysis to list pulling to executing campaigns on any channel, move from ideation to action without reliance on third parties.  

Build your strategy based on trusted data

Turn one-time transactions into repeat business while delivering the experiences consumers expect. Enhance existing loyalty programs with a complete view of the customer.

Increase business agility

Easily adapt to changing market conditions and the evolution of your marketing technology stack through a unified layer of data across all of your online, offline, and homegrown systems.



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Acquia Pesonalization is the only testing and targeting solution optimized for Drupal, available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences.




Customer Data Platform

Acquia Customer Data Platform is the leading CDP for enterprise brands, with 15 years of experience helping companies increase revenue and profitability.



Acquia Mautic

Campaign Studio

Acquia Campaign Studio is a cross-channel campaign management and journey orchestration solution that enables organizations to engage with customers across email, SMS, and more.



Acquia Maestro

Campaign Factory

Acquia Campaign Factory gives you the power to manage multiple Campaign Studio accounts from a central location, helping you scale operations across your entire business and ensure data governance.





Acquia Digital Asset Manager (DAM) organizes approved creative assets for self-service in one place, making it easy to find, modify, and download images, videos, and rich media.


Acquia Marketing Cloud Key Capabilities:

Acquia Integration Framework

Ingest data from all online, offline, and homegrown sources, handling data input to and output from the CDP in real-time. Leverage the continuously updated profile for insights and action. 

Acquia Identity Resolution Engine

Cleanse, dedupe, stitch, and enrich transaction, profile, and event data to continuously resolve customer identities. Gain an accurate count and view of your customers for all insights and action. 

Acquia Machine Learning Framework

Gain machine learning driven insights from supervised learning and collaborative filtering algorithms, all of which are metadata configurable to support both out-of-the-box and custom models.

Cross-Channel Campaign Engine

Easily map customer engagement journeys across touchpoints through a visual orchestration engine that drives your campaigns. Gain a clear view of journey paths across action systems. 

Native & Open Engagement Channels

Acquia provides native email, SMS, and social engagement systems, as well as connectivity to any third-party system, including homegrown channels. 

Website Personalization Engine

Easily point, click, and personalize content on your website. Real-time adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B testing keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates. 

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