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One central dashboard, a world of possibilities. Build, run, and maintain an entire site ecosystem at scale from one central hub. If only all global scale was this simple.

[Icon - Blue] Acquia CMS Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Easy-to-use and flexible tools to build powerful Drupal applications.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Caching
Enterprise Caching

Scale delivery of personalized experiences to billions of views. With a built-in CDN and best-in-class infrastructure from Varnish to Memcache to BigPipe, Acquia reinvents CMS run-time architectures with caching at all layers of the digital stack.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Availability
Enterprise Availability & Disaster Recovery

See how we make good on our 99.95% uptime guarantee using AWS infrastructure to employ server redundancy, disaster recovery solutions and constant support and monitoring.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Access Management
Enterprise Access Management

The right access for the right people. Customize access controls for your Cloud Platform applications to provide maximum security, while making sure everyone who needs access, gets it.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Remote Administration
Enterprise Remote Administration

Our white-glove service for managing Drupal updates so you don't have to. We'll stage an updated version of your site in a dedicated environment. You review it, we deploy it.

[Icon - Blue] CI/CD
CI/CD & Deployment Automation

With Pipelines and Continuous Delivery Environments (CDEs),you can assemble your code, test it, and deploy it. Just submit a pull request.

[Icon - Blue] CLI
CLI Tools

With terminal access to every Cloud Platform API endpoint, you can fully automate your development workflow. That's a lot of power in your terminal.

[Icon - Blue] Cloud Dev Experience
Cloud Developer Experience

Innovation is key. Spend less time on setup and debugging and focus on the code with the only cloud-based development environment that's made for Drupal.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security

From your experience to your customer data, you need a best-in-class platform to protect from data attacks. Our security service is purpose-built to meet your needs.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Compliance
Enterprise Compliance

The only Drupal platform that's FedRAMP authorized. We're here to keep you compliant and avoid fines, even in highly-regulated industries.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Lingual
Multi-Lingual & Localization

Delivering content in the right language is critical to engaging with your global audience. Thinking about digital transformation at scale requires you to speak the language and understand the culture of your buyer.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Site

Whether you're running 10 unique sites or 10,000 similar ones, Site Factory makes it simple to manage your scale, with centralized governance through an easy-to-use dashboard.

[Icon - Blue] Multi-Channel Content
Multi-Channel Content

Rise to meet the needs of an expanding marketplace. Voice commands, wearables and whatever comes next, quickly deploy content that your customers will engage with.

[Icon - Blue] Enterprise Workflows
Enterprise Workflows

Streamline your processes and make it easier for marketers and developers to collaborate and build the core of your customer experience. This is where code and content come together.

[Icon - Blue] Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform API

Your toolbox for an improved workflow built on an Open API Framework and equipped with OAuth authentication. So you can customize the Cloud Platform to work for your needs.

Acquia Site Factory Top Features
Manage Sites at Scale
Multisite PaaS
Simplify site management through managed services
Site Governance
Establish roles and permissions to ensure correct access for your whole team.
Centralized Site Management
A single dashboard to view all of your sites, set roles and permissions and administer new sites.
Brand Governance
Ensure consistent design across your entire site portfolio.
Enterprise Workflows
Optimize workflows at scale to make your entire site delivery process more efficient.
Deploy Content At Scale
One Click Site Creation
Within minutes, clone an existing site and use it as a template for a new site(s)
Composable Site Templates
Manage multiple themes in an easily-accessible repository.
Low-Code Presentation Controls
Enforce brand guidelines like color pallets, fonts, and responsive grid layouts.
Cloud-Based Development
Streamline your development process with the ONLY cloud-based development environment for Drupal.
Low-Code Component Editing
Drag and drop prebuilt components from Site Studio's library into layouts and new sites.
Structured Content & Metadata
Enable content categorization and classification to support search, discovery, and content delivery.
Multi-Lingual & Localization
Deliver content in the right language and in the right context.
Multi-Channel Content
Deploy content that connects wherever and however your customers engage.
Fully Managed Platform
Streamlined Updates and Maintenance
Deploy site updates once, across your portfolio of sites, eliminating IT's backlog and support costs.
High Availability Hosting
Fully managed platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA for all your sites.
Scale to Billions of Views
Best-in-class infrastructure to meet and exceed your performance expectations.
Enterprise Security
Security as a service across your entire site portfolio so you can rest easy.
Enterprise Compliance
Meet your compliance needs across your entire site portfolio.
Performance Monitoring
Understand and optimize CMS performance with data from every layer of the technology stack at your fingertips.

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