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Drupal embraces web development innovation, incorporating new languages and frameworks to empower developers in creating captivating digital experiences.

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API-first Architecture 

Drupal pioneered an API-first CMS architecture with RESTful APIs covering all CMS services. Drupal's RESTful APIs enable developers to leverage any scripting language to quickly create new content-rich digital experiences and applications. More About API-First

More About API-First

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Node.js Support

Full support for Node.js to empower developers to leverage popular front-end frameworks like React or Angular.js to rapidly build, deploy, and enhance any web application.

Node.js and Drupal API

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Building on Drupal native support for structured entities - including content and components - Drupal provides full JSON:API support to enable high-performing, dynamic web applications with optimized delivery of content and presentation elements.


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Drupal supports RESTful query support for front-end web developers leverage simple Javascript via GraphQL to support rapid development and delivery of complex, search-based experiences.

Meet GraphQL

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Composable API Endpoints 

Unique support for developers to create and leverage custom RESTful API endpoints for custom content views that can be readily addressed and reused across digital properties.

Creating Composale Content

More About Drupal 9

The most powerful Open Source CMS just got stronger. With best-in-class flexibility, speed and scale, Drupal 9 takes the platform to the next level.

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Hybrid CMS

Acquia CMS is the only CMS that lets you easily adopt a hybrid CMS approach to enterprise content management. Deliver content to your customers consistently, on multiple channels and devices without sacrificing performance, scale, or security.

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