Enterprise Access Management

Customize access controls for your Cloud Platform applications with a variety of features and add-ons designed to provide maximum security, while making sure the right people have the access they need.

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Teams and permissions: Maximum control

Group internal users into teams based on the applications that they need to access. Use out-of-the-box user roles or create custom roles, restricting the specific actions that each user can take while working with applications.

Trust and verify

Acquia provides additional security features like 2-factor authentication and IP address restrictions. Choose the additional features you need to meet the security requirements of your business.

Add enterprise single sign-on (SSO)

Enterprise SSO is available as an add-on for customers who manage security policies through an identity provider. When using the Enterprise SSO feature, internal users authenticate with both the Cloud Platform and the integrated identity provider.

SSH Key For Platform Access

Login to an environment as a website user with an SSH key, a more secure method of signing in than using a password alone.

More about Acquia CMS

An out-of-the-box version of Drupal with enhanced capabilities you won't find anywhere else. All maintained by Acquia.

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Enterprise Workflows

Code and content are essential to your digital experience. Developers and marketers work together to build the core components and customer experience. Acquia lets you optimize workflows to make your entire process more efficient.

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