China Managed Services

China Managed Service

Deliver engaging digital experiences to your China audiences while leveraging Acquia’s world-class service and Drupal expertise.


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Accelerate the Delivery of Experiences in China

Delivering experiences in China doesn't have to be hard. Acquia combines expert support and guidance with a ready-made Drupal managed service in China to help multinational organizations accelerate and de-risk delivering experiences in China. 

Expert Engagement & Managed Service

China Managed Service Overview

Acquia China Managed Service consists of three critical pieces to help you deliver content in China fast while meeting all delivery requirements. The three components of China Managed Services include: 

  1. China Professional Services Engagement (one time engagement) 
  2. Acquia China Managed Service
  3. Acquia TAM (Technical Account Manager)
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Expert China Content Delivery Guidance

China Professional Services Engagement

Before you deliver content in China it is necessary to meet all of the requirements the Chinese government has set for delivering content within the great firewall.

Acquia's China Professional Services Engagement is a 4 week engagement with the Acquia PS team that will consult with you to help prepare your Drupal application for delivery in China from a technical and compliance standpoint.

China Managed Service Hackathon
Fully Managed Experience Delivery

China Managed Service

Designed to eliminate costly and time-consuming setup of infrastructure in China, Acquia China Managed Service provides a fully managed architecture for delivering Drupal experiences in China.

  1. Development, Staging and Production Environments
  2. 24/7 Platform and Drupal Support with 99.95% SLA
  3. Solr Search Service
  4. Multi-AZ w/ Disaster Recovery
  5. SSH Access
  6. Role-based Access Controls
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Dedicated China Expertise

Acquia Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Delivering content in China isn't just a one-and-done project. Acquia is dedicated to partnering with you for the long run. Our China Technical Account Managers (TAM) are trained to help you with the ever evolving requirements for delivering content in China and ensure that you have a resource at every step of the way. 

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Acquia hosting is just the beginning. Build, launch, and manage secure Drupal experiences at scale without sacrificing performance with the Acquia Cloud Platform. 

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Acquia Site Factory makes it easy for organizations to quickly and easily create new sites. Whether you have a new brand you need to launch or you're looking to deliver content in a new region, Acquia Site Factory makes it easy to create and manage your entire site portfolio. 

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