World Class Performance and Scalability

Building amazing web applications is no longer enough. You also need to ensure they are fast, delivered from the edge, and capable of handling extreme traffic bursts, like the Super Bowl and NBC Olympics.

More Drupal Capabilities

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Caching Made Easy

We’ve made one of the hardest problems in tech a lot easier with one of the most advanced caching systems available and ready to go out of the box.

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Multiple Caching Strategies To Choose From

The pluggable caching system offers multiple strategies for caching from the traditional time-based method to more modern cache tagging and automated content triggers. Want something specific for your organization? You’ve got the power to create your own custom approach!

CDN Support With Purging

Delivering content from the edge is only helpful when it’s the most recent version. Purging rules will trigger on content updates and bubble up through all layers to ensure stale data is gone and fresh data is available automatically.

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Turnkey PWA

Get turnkey Progressive Web Application features like add to homescreen, pre-fetching data, and offline content access. Turn your website into a web application with the press of a button. Client-side caching has never been so easy!

Static Site Generation

Sometimes you will want to generate static content for your application. Popular tools like Next.JS, Gatsby, and Jekyll have prebuilt integrations with Drupal. In addition, there are community solutions that can provide an even easier way to generate static content!

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JS/CSS Aggregation

Optimized JavaScript and CSS aggregation is available by default, with smart chunking to ensure that each page load gets the assets it needs as cacheable and reusable files. As powerful as this is, you can also get granular control over advanced aggregation settings to really fine-tune things your way.


Deliver page content faster by sending cached content first and streaming the personalized content as it’s rendered later. The BigPipe technique is implemented in core and integrated with the provided caching methods. This is how applications like Facebook scale to billions of unique visitors every day. No other CMS that implements this out-of-the-box.

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Authenticated User Caching

Dynamic page caching builds on the cacheability metadata in the render pipeline to cache parts of the page and personalize others. Combined with BigPipe, it is the fastest and most scalable way to deliver content to authenticated users.

For Developers

Find out more reasons why developers love to work with Drupal CMS.

  • Structured Content

    Quickly assemble and manage content models, define relationships between content types, and organize content with powerful taxonomies.

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  • API-First, Not API-Only

    Hybrid headless content to power the entire organization. Developers get the full power and flexibility of a headless CMS and authors get low-code publishing. The best of both worlds!

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  • Fully Composable Architecture

    With Drupal, one of the largest open source communities on the planet, you can choose from 10,000+ extensions and integrations! Assemble and evolve your CMS to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. There is no such thing as future-proof, but composability means you can be future-ready.

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  • World class performance and scalability

    Building amazing web applications is no longer enough. You also need to ensure they are fast, delivered from the edge, and capable of handling extreme traffic bursts, like the Super Bowl and NBC Olympics.

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  • Developer Workflow Tools

    With the right tools, a developer can write more code, make fewer mistakes, and innovate faster than anyone else. With 100% cloud-based development tools, you have everything you need from the get go.

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  • Rock-Solid Application Security

    Security threats are constantly on the rise and every application is a target. With threat prevention, security processes, and world-class application design patterns, your Drupal applications are fortified from day one.

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  • Open Source Community

    The Drupal community is one of the largest open source communities in the world and provides an open source back-end framework for at least 14% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide. Come for the code; stay for the community.

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