Martech Integrations

Integrate with your existing Martech stack to drive cohesive digital experiences and make the most of your digital content.

Women smiling in a distance
Women smiling in a distance
Women smiling in a distance
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Easily install Acquia Personalization, a low-code personalization solution optimized for Drupal CMS that enables you to point, click, and personalize digital properties for increased engagement and improved conversion rates.

Campaign Studio

Integrate with Acquia Campaign Studio and make meaningful connections at every touch point. Build campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way.

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Commerce Framework

Commerce Framework

Connect to Acquia Commerce Framework and take advantage of features like the wish, wishlist, add-to-cart, mini cart, and full cart functionalities. You can also add the Commerce Framework product search, product content type, and pre-built components for Site Studio.

Content Hub

Connect to Acquia Content Hub to discover and syndicate content through a centralized tool. Make your content accessible to your whole team. Connecting Drupal CMS to Content Hub will add curation tools, a discovery interface, meta tag controls, publisher controls & tools, and subscriber controls & tools.

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Hundreds of Integration Modules

Backed by a massive open  source integration library, Drupal CMS connects to hundreds of systems. Bring your favorite tools and put the pieces together. It's that simple!

For Marketers

Find out more reasons why marketers love to work with Drupal CMS.

  • Low-Code Content Creation

    It should be easy to build content– for anyone. Acquia makes that mission a reality with Site Studio.

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  • SEO

    Drive higher search rankings, more traffic, and faster websites with Drupal CMS.

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  • Multilingual Management

    Multiple languages – No problem. Drupal CMS makes localization of your content a breeze.

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  • Structured Content Made Easy

    Content organization is critical to drive results. Drupal CMS makes it easy to organize content models, types, and taxonomies.

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  • Martech Integrations

    Quickly and easily integrate with your existing martech stack to drive cohesive digital experiences and make the most of your digital content.

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  • Enterprise Search

    Enable your customers to quickly find the most relevant content to prevent users from disengaging with your digital experience.

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