Acquia Digital Experience Platform

The First Composable Experience Platform.

A solution for developers, business users and IT operators. Empowering your team to compose and deploy digital experiences - for each phase in the customer journey.
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Leave no one behind

Historically,  digital experiences were created by a developer, managed by IT teams and the business users provided input. While they sat on the sidelines. The burden was on IT and the business was frustrated with the results.

With Acquia's Experience Platform, creating  digital experiences is now a team sport. Meet the needs of your entire team and allow everyone to contribute. All while providing the security and governance needed to mitigate risk.

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Business user experience: powered by low-code

Empower business users to contribute

Acquia Experience Platform provides a low-code, visual page builder. Anyone within your organization can create a page or make changes to an existing page.

It's simple to add content, update content or make basic design changes. With real time preview functionality, you can see changes being made instantaneously.

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Expedite development timelines

Don't start from scratch. Our Experience Platform offers an accelerator. It's an out of the box distribution of Drupal called Acquia CMS. It has pre-selected modules, built in security and unmatched performance. All maintained by Acquia.

Once you're ready to customize the experience or add new features, you can start writing code. With Cloud IDEs, you will have a development environment, optimized for Drupal,  within 5 minutes.

Cloud Platform
IT experience: powered by PaaS

Run, secure and scale your digital experiences

Acquia Cloud Platform is the foundation that makes it simple to run your digital application abstracting security, performance and support.  All powered by modern infrastructure and the latest technology for autoscaling. 

When you're ready to scale your portfolio of applications, we offer the market leading tool for managing a portfolio of digital applications - Site Factory.

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Many applications: powered by one platform

Customer and employee applications

The content that lives on your website should be reused to train your employees.  The personalization that your customers expect, your employees do as well.

Now you can compose and deploy your all of your customer applications and employee applications from one place. The benefit - content will be consistent across your organization.

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