Zyxware Technologies

Zyxware Technologies is an exclusive Drupal service provider established in 2006 and has built and delivered more than 120 Drupal projects to clients in US, UK, Europe and Australia. We have offices in USA, Australia and India. We have a team of qualified and experienced Drupal developers who will support you through out the various stages in the project lifecycle including pre-project analysis, Planning, Analysis & Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Post-Support. Our 100% customized Drupal solutions facilitates positive outcomes by improving performance, reducing the project costs and enhancing business value. Business Solutions At Zyxware, we consistently strive to be a technology partner who understands your specific business requirements. We are a solutions company focussed on working with you to address your business objectives and goals. Zyxware provides technology consulting and business consulting that can help your enterprise get the maximum value from your IT investments. Zyxware provides an array of customized business solutions that helps you effectively address the existing technology challenges, and have a considerable impact on the growth, profitability and efficiency of organizations. We help you smoothly overcome the various bottlenecks that you encounter with regard to the management of business strategy, change and processes. Our business solutions customized to suit the requirements of different industry verticals including IT/IT Enabled services, Media, Banking and Finance, Enterprise and Government & Healthcare. Supported by strong domain expertise, excellence in technology, appropriate mix of insight and capabilities, we help your business attain the best outcomes and deliver greater business value. Product Development: Effective product development is a key facilitator of business growth. At Zyxware, we consistently ensure business excellence across all the stages of the software product development lifecycle including Product conceptualization, System analysis, Prototyping, Architecture & Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance and Support. Our well-designed agile development processes, technological expertise, advanced processes and stringent quality assurance enables you to take your product to the market on time and on budget. Maintenance & Support: In any enterprise, it is essential to have reliable, timely support for smoother and efficient business operations. Our Application Maintenance and Support services are designed to enable organizations to enhance productivity, minimize downtime, extend application life, and accelerate performance. We offer full-fledged Maintenance and Support Services that allow companies to efficiently handle their challenges and achieve optimal business value. Technology Consulting: Organizations invest a significant amount of time, skills, and capital to enhance those competencies that will give them a superior edge over their competitors. Combining a comprehensive understanding of the various business processes, in-depth industry knowledge, and technical expertise, Zyxware's Technology Strategy Consulting Group provides IT leaders customized solutions to address their most critical business challenges. We offer technical consulting on system performance, technology platform decisions, and system enhancements to our clients, helping them accelerate their performance and deliver greater value. Business Analysis In the modern corporate environment, for the success of any project, it is essential to systematically analyze and define the various business processes, and then aptly communicate it to those who require them. This activity is crucial to all types of projects, particularly those that impact one or more business processes. A software system is an interpretation of how the business problem is addressed and solved. Understanding your business problem is extremely important in this context, as it helps to ensure that we build the software application which works right for you. Over the years, Business analysis, as a discipline, has evolved from mere requirements gathering and analysis of processes to offering enterprises the latest in technological trends. Zyxware's business analysis and consulting service helps identify the prominent business issues and defines innovative solutions to solve the business challenges. Our expert team of architects and business analysts are capable of identifying the business needs that are perfectly aligned to your strategic goals, are feasible to implement and will increase the business value. We employ a unique product management approach that employs visual models and defines business goals to validate every requirement, identify redundancies, and significantly reduces the scope and costs of projects. Extremely skilled and talented people who are capable of working efficiently with IT and business A comprehensive understanding of business objectives Requirement gathering & process designing according toindustry best practices. Employs innovative approach to system analysis Flexibility and discipline to effectively handle the changes in requirements Analysis of the latest business and technological trends to deliver solutions suited to the business needs of an organization. Website development Web design and development is a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality. At Zyxware, we have an expert team of developers and designers who understands your organizational objectives and the specific target audience and delivers quality websites based on the expectations of the client. With our strong business domain experience, technical know-how, knowledge of the industry trends and quality-driven delivery model, we identify your business requirements, evolve a unique strategy, and deliver easy-to-use websites and applications customized to meet your business needs. A creatively designed website can do wonders for your business – a unique, attractive web design with interactive UI not only offers better user experience but also reduces the bounce rates, gives you a greater edge over competitors & converts your visitors in to customers. Zyxware provides professional web design, development and maintenance services perfectly customized to suit your specific business requirements. We offer development support for websites of varying complexity, ranging from static web pages and multi-functional web portals to advanced content management systems and web applications. Our designing team ensures that they get a precise understanding of your business objectives & target audience before getting in to the designing process. We also provide complete front-end and back-end development using cutting-edge technologies based on the latest industry trends. Expert team of developers and designers with indepth technical knowledge and experience Strict adherence to quality standards and processes High standards of professionalism Use of agile and iterative web development processes Use of latest technologies User-friendly Responsive interfaces SEO optimized web designs to increase rankings Reduced maintenance work High level of security against fraud and malpractices Digital Marketing Zyxware's Digital Marketing service provides a comprehensive array of digital solutions to efficiently address the complex challenges in branding and communication that enterprises face today. Backed by a dedicated, results-oriented team, we deliver a well-planned, customized digital strategy that suits your unique business objectives. Our innovative digital solutions include Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, and PPC/Paid inclusion. By streamlining communication and nurturing an efficient collaborative environment, we help your brand improve your marketing performance and stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, we continously look for ways to integrate future technology with your existing brand strategies, allowing you to engage with customers in innovative ways. Consultancy Services In today's competitive environment, businesses need to rapidly respond to the dynamic market conditions with agility and innovation. Zyxware delivers end-to-end IT enabled solutions and services to accelerate the ongoing business transformation. Every industry has to utilize the cutting-edge technological advancements, from analytics and mobility to social networks and cloud computing.to respond to the changing customer expectations. In today's world, every industry is faced with the constant pressure to change, to rapidly respond to the shift in the expectations of customers and utilize the recent, cutting-edge technological developments, from mobile connectivity and social networks to analytics and cloud computing. Zyxware's Business consultancy services helps you smoothly navigate the changes, understand business requirements, respond to customers and harness new business opportunities like never before. We have a team of expert consultants who combine excellent domain knowledge and innovative thinking to formulate a strategy that efficiently aligns technology with your unique business objectives, and delivers striking results throughout your business cycle. Our consultancy services: Strategic IT Consulting Business Process Improvement Programme and Project Management Business Technology Optimisation IT Project Portfolio Reviews & Audits System Selection