Workato, Inc. develops cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities for workflow automation across all the applications. The company offers adaptive transformation; responsive integrations; automate with clicks not code; pre-built, configurable, and ready to deploy recipes; re-useable integrations, cloning, and sharing; auto version for iterative development. It increases sales efficiency with automation by prospecting 360° customer intelligence, automated opportunity data population, and lead prioritization, proposing quote-to-order, closing order-to-cash, customer onboarding, and streamlined order fulfillment. Additionally the company automates customer service tasks to deliver support by enhancing customer experience by customer onboarding, support response with artificial intelligence, customer feedback loop by acting upon net promoter score (NPS), and customer driven development, account management by trial, upsell, and renewal optimization and preemptive churn risk management. Furthermore it offers order-to-cash process, automate the billing, and payment process by account receivable through multi-channel revenue management, accounts management, and alerts on variance in finance data and payment notifications. Workato, Inc. executes targeted marketing campaigns by real-time event attendance sync, lead triage and enrichment, and scoring, engages through e-commerce 360° customer view and follow ups, retaining through recurring campaigns and preemptive churn prediction and upsell. It streamlines business operations by breaking down the silos between applications through business process automation by project on and off-boarding and partner onboarding, IT ops and devops optimization, and software capitalization. The company automate human resource (HR) processes such as employee onboarding, offboarding, performance management, and compensation management. Its platform allows 360 degree view of the business from each application, saves labor costs, and application license. Workato, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Mountain View, California.